GEOFF KNOWS YASMEEN IS ALL HEART Alya quizzes Geoff about the hotel but he’s evasive. Geoff then fakes a funny turn and clutches his chest. Yasmeen calls an ambulance but when the paramedics can find nothing wrong with him, Geoff refuses to go in for tests. Alya and Ryan are suspicious, especially when Yasmeen announces that Geoff is in no fit state to fly to Spain so she’s cancelling their trip. Alya’s convinced Geoff faked his heart condition to stop Yasmeen from going to Spain but how can she prove it?

DAVID HITS SELF DESTRUCT Gail’s shocked to hear that David has been seeing Alina and gives him a piece of her mind. David storms out, wandering the streets drinking when suddenly two muggers grab him, drag him into an alleyway and pull a knife on him.

EMMA MAKES A BIG DECISION ABOUT SEB After spending the night at a mate’s, Seb returns to the flat and assures Emma he has no interest in Alina and she’s the only girl for him. Seb corners Alina in the cafe and suggests it might be best if she moves out.

ELSEWHERE When Gemma finds that Aled’s hearing aid has arrived, she reckons things are looking up. Bernie remains sceptical. Ken’s furious to realise Charles is ripping him off. Norris claims that’s only the tip of the iceberg and he’s ripping off residents left, right and centre with his fines


GEOFF TURNS ON ALYA Remembering that Geoff said he booked the only five star hotel in the area, Alya does some digging before confronting Geoff about his fictitious hotel booking and fake heart scare. When Alya reveals that she’s been to the police, Geoff loses his temper and threatens her. Arriving home from the shops (Geoff has had Yasmeen on a timer), Yasmeen’s horrified and orders Geoff off Alya. Geoff assures Yasmeen he’d never lie to her. But when he heads up for a bath, Yasmeen opens his laptop. Will Geoff catch her in the act?

DAVID ESCAPES FROM HIS PIT OF DESPAIR David manages to push the muggers off and sprints away. As the muggers give chase he climbs a fire escape to get away. Returning home David fails to tell Nick and Gail about the attempted mugging.

EMMA REALISES SHE’S BEEN LIVING A LIE When Seb refuses to move out of the flat, Emma asserts that she’ll go instead. Steve assures her she’s welcome to stay with them.

ELSEWHERE When Ken demands a copy of the Residents’ rulebook, an irritated Charles makes out they’re waiting for a new edition to be printed. Not believing a word, Ken suggests it’s time the Residents’ Chair was put up for re-election. Cathy and Alex arrive to offer Gemma a hand but she doesn’t need their help.


YASMEEN FINALLY MAKES A STAND When Geoff next uses his laptop, Yasmeen makes a mental note of his password and later when Geoff is in the shower, scrolls through his emails. Geoff catches Yasmeen redhanded but she stands her ground and questions Geoff about the numerous emails to an escort agency and the Spanish hotel booking. Geoff admits he lied and Yasmeen tells him that she’s going to her grandson’s wedding without him. As she closes her suitcase and heads for the door, Geoff blocks her way and menacingly tells her that she’s not going anywhere.

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