Doctors: S21E113 – Unclaimed Baggage
Wednesday 29 April 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Steve M Kelly
  • Written by Paul Campbell
  • Directed by Steve M Kelly

Very much an Ayesha focused story today and possibly my favourite of the week.


Ayesha gets involved in trying to trace down the relatives of a woman who the authorities are unable to identify.

(Picture: BBC)

It’s present day and Ayesha is at a funeral, attended by just her and two others, one of whom is Rev. Viv Marchant.

(Picture: BBC)

Back to Christmas and Ayesha, on her way home after a Christmas party, finds a homeless woman on the street. She calls an ambulance. She tries to talk the to the woman, but mostly gets gibberish. As she deteriorates, Ayesha tries to hurry the ambulance up, but gets nowhere. the woman, who says she is called Sally in our Alley, dies in Ayesha’s arms.

(Picture: BBC)

Bernie, working at Social Services, gets a file of information and Sally, and says he will look into it.

Early April and Bernie visits Shaun (Sally’s son), who isn’t really interested, his mum was cruel and he wants nothing to do with her, even now she’s dead. But presumably Bernie wants him to pay for the funeral, that’s why he’s here.

The funeral. Ayesha rages about Shaun’s absence, as he arrives. He’s only here because his wife persuaded him to. His daughter puts some flowers on the coffin, and they leave again. Viv and Bernie give speeches about ‘Sally’ which Shaun, convinced to come back in, says was what she was called as a child. Things start to fall into place. Bernie says that, although she was clearly a hard woman to know, but she shouldn’t have died like this. The system has failed her.


  • Kika Markham as Grace Wilson AKA Sally
  • Laura Rollins as Ayesha Lee
  • Malcolm Freeman as Shaun Wilson
  • Martine Brown as Rev Viv Marchant
  • Richard Braine as Bernie Sutton