Doctors spoilers: Gradually, Suddenly – Friday 1st May 2020

Doctors: S21E115 – Gradually, Suddenly
Friday 1 May 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Peter Leslie Wild
  • Written by Andrew Cornish
  • Directed by Richard Signy


As part of Ramadan, Shak and Ruhma volunteer at a renovation project for homeless people, but the both get more than they bargained for when Shak meets a frustrated daughter and Ruhma discovers one of the workers is secretly sleeping at the project.

(Picture: BBC)

As Ruhma and Shak volunteer on a renovation project for homeless people Shak fails to cheer up Ruhma, who’s downbeat about her ongoing suspension. Ruhma is guarded as she meets Kenneth, who’s running the site. She’s assigned to Fred, a painter and decorator.

(Picture: BBC)

Ruhma becomes curious when she realises Fred keeps his distance from everyone around him. Kenneth suggests she not mention it to him but when Ruhma sees Fred devour the food laid on at work.

(Picture: BBC)

Ruhma hears how Fred suddenly became homeless and wonders how she can help him.


  • Anna Unwin as Tricia Albright
  • Bharti Patel as Ruhma Carter
  • James Richard Marshall as Kenneth Albright
  • Richard Sherwood as Fred Suter
  • Sunjay Midda as Shak Hanif

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