Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 11th – Friday 15th May 2020


STEVE’S MADE UP, BUT NOT FOR LONG Steve meets up with Leanne at the nursery school that they are looking at for Oliver. The Head offers to show them round. Having returned home, Leanne heads off to the bedroom to check on Oliver. She lets out a horrified scream. Steve lets the paramedics in and Leanne explains to them how Oliver suffered a seizure but now he seems calmer. Steve and Leanne cling to each other, terrified.

DAVID IS ‘PLATTMAN’ Gail tells Sarah and David she expects them at her birthday soirée at 6pm. In the Kabin, David overhears Craig and Bernie discussing the gang wars on the Hylda Baker estate and David forms a plan. Audrey joins Gail for her birthday tea. When it becomes apparent that no one else is going to turn up, Audrey cracks open the wine and they get stuck in.

IMRAN CAN’T BAIL YASMEEN OUT Yasmeen attends her bail hearing.

ELSEWHERE Cathy complains to Dev about Bernie and threatens to leave the kebab shop. However when Dev offers her an extra 50p an hour, Cathy changes her mind.


LEANNE AND STEVE FEAR FOR THEIR SON Steve and Leanne describe Oliver’s symptoms to the doctor.

DAVID FEELS ON TOP OF THE WORLD David heads to the rough estate and spotting some drug dealers, leaps on the bonnet of their car. The lads give chase, is David in danger?

ALYA SWEARS SHE WILL UNMASK GEOFF Alya calls at the Rovers and tells Sean how Yasmeen is the victim of domestic abuse.

ELSEWHERE In the kebab shop, Cathy and Bernie bury the hatchet and Bernie agrees to knuckle down. Pulling out some cans of cider, Bernie offers one to Cathy who takes it.


OLIVER TAKES A TURN FOR THE WORSE To Steve and Leanne’s relief, Oliver seems much better. But as Nick reads a story to Oliver, he suffers another seizure. An ambulance is called but as paramedics treat Oliver he continues fitting. Leanne and Steve are united in their terror as a doctor delivers the news that Oliver is still fitting and they’ve moved him to intensive care.

MICHAEL AND ED FACE A FAMILIAR FOE Ray tells Ed that Don, the new Bistro Manager, isn’t happy with his work. As Michael sets about helping Ed with the fixes, a critical Don makes a racist remark. Ed and Michael are taken aback. When Don makes another racist comment, Ed just lets it go leaving Michael confused. Meanwhile as Tim chats to James about his last match, a County fan approaches and launches a tirade of homophobic abuse at James. Tim steps in and restrains James.

GEMMA FEELS LIKE A FRAUD Gemma’s nervous at the thought of attending her first post natal depression support group. But when another mother talks about her depression and her inability to cope with her baby, Gemma’s enthralled, realising she’s not alone in her thoughts.

ELSEWHERE At Nick’s request, David talks to Leanne about living with epilepsy. Craig suggests to David they go for a run together, David wishes he could get out of it. Arthur invites Evelyn to a dance.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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