Doctors: S21E119 – Confirmation Bias
Thursday 7 May 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Simon J Curtis
  • Written by Stephen McAteer
  • Directed by Kodjo Tsakpo


Sid and Bear have to face a police officer with some questionable attitudes.

(Picture: BBC)

Karen and Rob are shaken when Jay has a seizure.

On the way to the Icon Sid and Bear get stopped by the police and Bear is convinced PC Bell has stopped them because of their race. Sid’s uncomfortable at Bear making assumptions. As Bell continues to detain them and does a breathalyser test, Bear’s annoyance increases.

When Bell wants to do background checks, Bear’s anger boils over and Sid has to calm him. When Bell hears that Bear runs a medical practice and queries his access to drugs even Sid starts to see them being stopped as harassment. PC Bell eventually lets them go but Bear, fuming, wants to report her.

(Picture: BBC)

Despite Ayesha just wanting to go home and have a relaxing night, Valerie manages to convince her to go to the Icon for a drink, determined to set her up with Bear. Ayesha and Valerie arrive at the Icon to find Jimmi and Emma already there.

(Picture: BBC)

Karen is about to leave to go to Ayesha’s surprise party when she’s shocked to find that Jay’s had an epileptic seizure. Rob and Karen can only get Jay comfortable as the seizure continues.


  • Adrian Lewis Morgan as Dr Jimmi Clay
  • Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
  • Chris Walker as Rob Hollins
  • Ciaran Stow as Jayden Hunt
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Fiona Skinner as PC Carol Bell
  • Jan Pearson as Karen Hollins
  • Laura Rollins as Ayesha Lee
  • Sarah Moyle as Valerie Pitman