Classic Emmerdale episodes coming to Britbox

Here is a list of the Emmerdale episodes coming to Britbox from 14th May 2020 (subject to changes).

Episode 1 (16th October 1972)

On the day of Jacob’s funeral, the Sugden family are shocked to discover that Emmerdale Farm has been left to the recently returned Jack, causing fury amongst Jacob’s other children, Peggy and Joe.

Episode 1930 (15th December 1994)

The village prepares for Seth and Betty’s fortieth theme party.

Episode 2052 (8th February 1996)

Passions run high as Frank finally confronts Kim and Dave.

Episode 2208 (22nd May 1997)

Has Kim finished off Frank Tate?

Episode 2473 (19th January 1999)

Kim heads off to Home Farm for one last showdown with Chris, and Graham goes clubbing following an argument with Rachel.

(Picture: ITV)

Episode 3623/3624 (1st January 2004)

The storm tightens its grip on the village and Marlon and Tricia’s hopes and dreams are snatched away as their world comes crashing down around them.

(Picture: ITV)

Episode 4159/4160 (22nd September 2005)

Zoe Tate goes out with a bang.

Episode 4345 (25th April 2006)

Debbie and Jasmine discuss their relationship. Debbie makes a move on Jasmine and tells her that she loves her more than anything.

(Picture: ITV)

Episode 4553/4554 (25th December 2006)

It’s an unhappy Christmas for the Kings.

Episode 5157/5158 (2nd December 2008)

Tragedy strikes when Jasmine and Debbie defend themselves against Shane. Donna demands that Ross instructs Shane to keep quiet about their affair.

Episode 5504 (13th January 2010)

Mark’s world collapses as his secret is exposed. Scarlett offers to help pay for Angelica’s christening. Cain boils with jealousy when he sees Charity flirting with Nikhil.

Episode 5566 (25th March 2010)

Aaron cannot cope when Paddy suggests that he is gay, and turns on him violently. Natasha is concerned about Maisie. Olena tries to let Sam down gently, but has he got the message?

Episode 5914 (6th May 2011)

Hazel and Aaron hope that Jackson is embracing life. Pollard is desperate to find Amy. Adam is uncomfortable around Ella.

Episode 5955 (24th June 2011)

As Aaron faces court, Hazel is reluctant to go ahead with Jackson’s funeral without him. Cain is concerned for Debbie.

Episode 7252/7253 (4th August 2015)

It is Debbie and Pete’s wedding day. Cain is asked to sort out Ross. Chrissie sees red.

Episode 7254 (5th August 2015)

There is devastation at the wedding. Emergency services are called.


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