Coronation Street Spoilers: Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May 2020


LEANNE AND STEVE GET TERRIBLE NEWS Oliver is sedated and taken for a brain scan. The doctor tells Steve and Leanne that the next step is to run some genetic blood tests. As the two families lean on each other for support, the doctor breaks the news that Oliver’s condition is more serious than they first thought and he might have mitochondrial disease. Steve and Leanne are devastated.

JAMES FEARS HE’S LOST EVERYTHING When Don gives Ed yet another snagging list, Michael’s had enough. Don makes jibes at Michael and enjoys winding him up. Michael’s angry and wants to take on Don but Ed and Aggie are adamant it’s best to turn the other cheek and not cause a scene. James reveals he’s being threatened with the transfer list after his altercation with a fan who called him gay.

GEMMA’S CLOUD IS LIFTED As Gemma talks candidly to the support group about her nightmares and how she’s imagined hurting her babies, she’s assured she’s not alone. Back at home she admits she found the group really helpful. Chesney tells her that he’s proud of her.

ELSEWHERE David admits to Craig that he gets an adrenaline rush from taking stupid risks. Craig urges him to stop for the sake of his family.


LEANNE AND NICK DISAGREE OVER OLIVER Steve and Leanne keep a vigil at Oliver’s bedside. Having googled mitochondrial disease, Steve’s upbeat as he explains that there are different strains and many people with the disease lead full and normal lives. But when the doctor explains they need to run more tests, Steve loses his rag and demands to know if his son is going to live or die. Later as Steve and Leanne jokily reminisce over Oliver’s childhood, Nick takes a more serious approach.

AGGIE TAKES A STAND Michael tells Ed and Aggie that he thinks it would be best if they swerved the bistro opening party, but Aggie asserts that she’s not going to let an idiot like Don put them off. A downbeat James reveals that he’s no longer playing tonight as he’s been dropped from the squad. GEMMA GOES ON THE RECORD Gemma tells Bernie and Chesney that she feels like she’s turned a corner and she couldn’t have done it without them and the support group. When Gemma confides in Sean, explaining it’s good to talk, Sean suggests that she record a vlog and share her experience online as it could help others in a similar situation. With the help of Sean and Cathy, Gemma records her first vlog, slamming the Freshco ad campaign for creating a dream world not possible to achieve.

ELSEWHERE When Tyrone finds Arthur and Evelyn enjoying breakfast together, he assumes Arthur stayed over. A flustered Evelyn explains he just called in, later assuring Fiz they’re just good friends.


EDISON REALISES HIS MISTAKES When Don makes yet another racist remark, Michael can’t believe that his Dad just takes it on the chin and points out that fights are never won by people who give up. As the bistro opening party gets underway, Don continues in front of the whole family. Ed’s had enough and challenges him, as the room falls silent Ed explains he’s suffered racist abuse all his life, but he’ll never give up the fight to put a stop to it. Back at home Michael assures Tianna that there’s no place in this world for racism and he’ll do everything he can to make it a better place for her. In the Rovers, Dev shares his own experiences at the hands of racists. Meanwhile, uncomfortable around his own Dad, James slinks out, more convinced that his only option is to quit football as people will never accept him for who he is. Aggie tells Ed that she’s proud of him for standing up to Don but wishes she could be proud of the way he is with James too. At No.3 Ed offers James a heartfelt apology for the way he’s behaved, assuring him that deep down he couldn’t be prouder. Will father and son finally be reunited?

LEANNE AND STEVE ARE GIVEN REASONS TO HOPE A desolate Leanne confides in Toyah that she doesn’t know which is worse; not knowing what’s wrong with Oliver or finding out it’s something terrible. Leanne apologises to Nick and they make up, united in their concern for Oliver.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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