Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 25th – Friday 29th May 2020


OLIVER’S RECOVERY HITS A SETBACK The doctor explains to Steve and Leanne that they’re gradually reducing Oliver’s sedation. Convinced that it would help for Oliver to have his favourite toy when he wakes up, Leanne sends Nick home for his red car.

DAVID IS DESPERATE TO GET HIGH David returns from his run out of breath. Gail worries he’s pushing himself too hard but when a furious David hears that Shona is being taken to visit Clayton in prison he heads out on another run. David approaches some youths on bikes and purposely shoves one of them over and then stamps on the bike. David sprints away as the youths give chase.

JAMES STRUGGLES WITH LOCKER-ROOM BANTER Ray calls at the Baileys and reveals he’s sacked Don. James returns to training as Michael assures him that the family is right behind him whatever he decides. In the changing room, one of the players makes a dig at James’s sexuality. James makes a joke out of it and the other players laugh with him. James is quietly pleased.

ELSEWHERE Gemma shows Chesney her vlog but makes it clear she’s no intention of putting it online after her humiliating turnstile experience.


DAVID IS PULLED BACK FROM THE BRINK A confused Shona admits to Clayton that she only remembers him as a little boy. Shona’s key worker listens in horror as Clayton does his best to poison her mind against David. David’s at full sprint as he’s pursued by the angry mob. Finding himself cornered in an alley David braces himself for a beating but a police car pulls up and the youths scatter. Having been released without charge, David tells Craig he’s learnt his lesson and won’t be looking for any more trouble. Hearing about David’s behaviour, Sarah resolves to help him. Visiting Shona she begs her to come home and give David a chance.

LEANNE’S ENCOURAGED BY OLIVER’S PROGRESS The doctor warns that it’s too soon to be sure but Oliver may have suffered brain damage. Leanne refuses to believe it. Adamant that Oliver will make a full recovery, Leanne squeezes his hand and is overjoyed when he says “Mummy”. Steve and Nick share a worried look.

JAMES HOPES HE HAS MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE Tommy Orpington assures James he did the right thing coming out and he has the full support of his team mates. James worries that the manager might not see it that way.

ELSEWHERE Chesney urges Gemma to share her vlog online but she refuses. However when Bryn knocks a key on the laptop it goes live. Chesney reads out some of the comments posted to Gemma and convinces her not to take it down as other women are finding it a huge comfort.


SHONA’S BACK BUT NOT FOR GOOD Having taken a call from Shona’s key worker, David announces that Shona wants to visit but doesn’t want him there. Shona visits Gail and Sarah but she’s clearly confused and can’t recognise Harry at all. However as she helps make drinks Shona instinctively knows where the tea bags are kept. Gail’s thrilled by this flicker of recognition. Whilst Gail and Sarah discuss Shona’s progress with Alice, Shona wanders out to the garden and disappears…

GEOFF’S ON THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN Alya visits Yasmeen in prison and assures her that she knows Geoff abused her but Yasmeen refuses to discuss it and hurries out. Meanwhile Tim collects Geoff from hospital and drives him home. When he discovers his key won’t work Alya announces she’s changed the locks. Tim’s furious while Geoff secretly checks his video-feed on his phone.

DEV REACHES BREAKING POINT Dev shows Asha an article about reputation management, a company that helps you to stay safe online. Asha wishes Dev would just forget about it. When Dev receives a call to say Aadi has got into a fight with Corey. Dev tears a strip off the head, pointing out that Aadi was defending his sister and more needs to be done to protect kids from online abuse.

ELSEWHERE The doctor tells Leanne that Oliver’s test results won’t be back for a few weeks and he’s free to go home. Leanne’s delighted, convinced he’s improving, whilst Steve and Nick mask their concern. An upbeat James tells Michael he’s booked a holiday for them in Marbella, Michael paints on a smile, secretly worried about leaving Grace and Tianna.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 on ITV.

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