10 EastEnders spoilers this week

1, Chantelle tries to clear the air with Gray by showing him she was at the dentist when he thought she was using his car. Gray doesn’t believe this excuse and thinks she is still lying.

2, Sonia is feeling lonely, she is missing Bex. Desperate for a connection, she decides to search for her long-lost father.

3, Phil wants Mick to sign the paperwork to finalise The Queen Vic contract but Linda unleashes on Phil and lets him know she doesn’t want to sell him the pub.

(Picture: BBC)

4, Billy confronts Karen about Mitch telling him that Karen will always come back to him.

5, Ben is still battling a fever and Callum gives him some strong medication to help before leaving. Jay later arrives but he is shocked when Ben collapses. When he wakes up, Ben admits to Jay he can’t hear anything so Jay demands he goes to hospital.

(Picture: BBC)

6, Dotty confronts Ian over setting her up with the police. Angry, Dotty tells him she is going to tell Sharon the truth about what happened on the boat.

(Picture: BBC)

7, Mitch is worried about Keegan and encourages him to reconcile with Tiffany.

(Picture: BBC)

8, Bobby is devastated when Ian tells him that that Peter kissed Dotty.

9, Mitch and Billy go head to head in air hockey but things quickly escalate and they end up fighting in the street with Mitch getting the upper hand.

(Picture: BBC)

10, Iqra and Keegan help Tina with a menu for the bar but after a disagreement, Keegan leaves and Karen follows, worried about her son.

EastEnders airs Monday and Tuesday at 8pm and 7:30pm on BBC One

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