Holby City

Sacha feels that he has to be respectful of what Essie needs at this critical time with her cancer diagnosis, but when Dominic urges him not to give up, Sacha convinces Essie to continue with her palliative care treatment.

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Coronation Street

Geoff has applied for a prison visit – will Yasmeen agree to see him.

When Alya asks Sally to be a witness for the defence she decides to go and visit Yasmeen.

Laura calls at the furniture shop and tells Gary that Rick’s got 24 hours to give her some more money or she’s going to the police.

Dr Gaddass says Leanne should consider counselling or medication but a furious Leanne refuses. Later, Leanne apologises to Toyah for the awful things she said. Will Toyah be able to forgive her?

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Harriet is meeting Malone in the church telling him she doesn’t want him around anymore, but he makes it clear that he’s not going anywhere. Harriet is left feeling threatened but also a little turned on by the danger of him. Eventually, she succumbs to his charms…

Jamie is left furious that Leyla was helping Andrea hide out. He’s further confused when Leyla explains she has no idea where Andrea is. He’s left wondering if Andrea has done something stupid.

Gabby is surprised to see that Leanna’s on good terms with Leyla and Jacob. As Leanna and Jacob head off, Gabby can’t help feeling lonely.

6th July – Harriet meets with Malone at the church, and despite her protests, it looks like she and Malone are about to kiss again but they’re interrupted by Moira.

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