Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 29th June – Friday 3rd July 2020


Andrea is hiding out at a hotel but when a police officer arrives. Andrea assures them she is safe and well, they explain Jamie is worried and urges her to contact him.

Harriet admits to Laurel she has reservations about marrying Will.

Lydia suggests organising a fundraising event and Paul offers his help. Lydia wonders if Mandy is secretly concealing feelings for Paul.

Ricky and Moira cross paths.


Jacob and Leanna argue and Jacob fears things are over between them for good.

Malone harrasses Dawn and Harriet approaches, nervous as to what he’s saying.

Rhona and Nate fear they’ll be found out.

As Jamie and Belle share longing looks with one another, Andrea returns and spots them unseen. With her worst fears confirmed, she tells Leyla she is not staying and leaving Emmerdale for good never to come back.


Harriet is meeting in the church telling him she doesn’t want him around anymore, but he makes it clear that heÕs not going anywhere. Harriet is left feeling threatened but also a little turned on by the danger of him. Eventually, she succumbs to his charms…

Jamie is stunned to find Millie in the kitchen alone. But Andrea is still nowhere to be seen.

Cain is left secretly gutted to hear Moira is developing interests in other people from Chas.

Dawn and Will meet with the bishop at the Woolpack but as time passes, Harriet doesn’t show up and Dawn and Will are forced to make excuses on her behalf.

Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm on ITV.

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