Hollyoaks Favourites revisits 2006

With Hollyoaks on a reduced amount of episodes at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the gap has been filled with many classic episodes. From serial killing Silas to the bus crash that interrupted Tony and Cindy’s wedding viewers have been given a chance to relive some of the best episodes that stood out.

Next week Hollyoaks Favourites, which airs Wednesday – Friday, rewinds the clock to 2006 and viewers can revisit some troubled times of Hollyoaks original Tony Hutchinson.

Wednesday 8th July

Episode 1774 – May 2006

Mandy and Tony go out for the evening, leaving Nancy and Hannah to look after their baby, Grace. When they return from the restaurant, Mandy can’t wake Grace. Elsewhere, Justin (Chris Fountain) and Becca (Ali Bastian) make a huge decision about their future.

Thursday 9th July

Episode 1775 – May 2006

Mandy and Tony are grief-stricken as the paramedics fail to resuscitate their baby, Grace. Meanwhile, Becca (Ali Bastian) and Justin (Chris Fountain) start to doubt their decision, and Mel (Cassie Powney) seeks help for her alcohol addiction.

Friday 10th July

Episode 3718 – October 2013

Tony takes a trip down memory lane with Diane but their plans are thrown into chaos when Diane’s waters break and she is rushed into hospital.  Whilst Diane is in labour, Tony receives some shocking news of his own… 

New Hollyoaks episodes air on Monday and Tuesday at 7pm on E4 with Hollyoaks Favourites across the rest of the week.

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