With Hollyoaks on a reduced amount of episodes at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the gap has been filled with many classic episodes. From serial killing Silas to the bus crash that interrupted Tony and Cindy’s wedding viewers have been given a chance to relive some of the best episodes that stood out.

Next week Hollyoaks Favourites, which airs Wednesday – Friday, rewinds the clock to 2008 and viewers can revisit one of Hollyoaks’ most hearbreaking exits.

Max’s death in 2008 is still well remembered by fans (Picture: Lime Pictures)

Wednesday 1st July

Episode 2329

It’s Max (Matt Littler) and Steph (Carley Stenson)’s wedding day. Niall (Barry Sloane) has a ruthless plan up his sleeve, John Paul’s affair with vicar Kieron (Jake Hendriks) is exposed, and Myra isn’t happy… Meanwhile, Max is having bad chest pains, fearing the worst he is rushed to hospital, making him late to church. Will he make it to the church or will his health get the better of him..

Thursday 2nd July

Episode 2330

Max (Matt Littler) and Steph (Carley Stenson) are about to get married, but the wedding goers are shocked by Myra’s surprise revelation… that vicar Kieron (Jake Hendriks) is sleeping with John Paul. Max and Steph must convince Kieron to finish the ceremony so they can finally get married. Unfortunetly, the wedding ends in tragedy for the couple.

Friday 3rd July

Episode 2331

As Max (Matt Littler) lays dead in O.B.(Darren Jeffries)’s arms, Steph (Carley Stenson) and Tom struggle to come to terms with what’s just happened. Niall (Barry Sloane) runs home looking for peace but is found by John Paul and Kieron (Jake Hendriks). O.B. returns to a packed party at the Dog and slowly gets the news of Max’s death through. Meanwhile, John Paul goes to see Myra in an attempt to reconcile with his mother.

New Hollyoaks episodes air on Monday and Tuesday at 7pm on E4 with Hollyoaks Favourites across the rest of the week.