Monday 20th July 2020

Yasmeen tells her cell mate that she is getting a visit from a women’s charity. When the woman arrives Yasmeen is shocked by what she reveals.

Sally watches sadly as Abi packs up her things for her move to No.13. Abi thanks her for making her so welcome and assures her it won’t alter their friendship.

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Emma points out that to Seb that you only get one Mum in this life and he should take her up on her offer of dinner. Will he listen?

Adam approaches Gary and accuses him of killing Rick Neelan. Gary’s dismissive but rattled.

Nicky tells Daniel that they could do a lot more than talk for the money he’s paying her. But Daniel explains it’s not about sex, just her company alone is making him feel better.

Yasmeens cell mate Lucie gives her a book on coercive control.

Friday 24th July 2020

Sarah is furious to find Adam flirting with Laura in the solicitor’s office and even angrier when he explains she is Rick’s wife.

Ed worries that Aggie is working far too hard at the hospital, and decides to plan something nice for her.

Gary is worried to discover that Brian had read about Roman coins found in Beacon Woods and is planning to take his metal detector to see what he can find. Desperate not to have people digging anywhere in the woods Gary tired to persuade him not go.

It’s the day of the trial and Yasmeen tells Imran that she was visited by someone claiming to have been abused by Geoff. But as Imran says he will track her down Yasmeen collapses on the visiting room floor and is rushed to hospital.

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