With Hollyoaks on a reduced amount of episodes at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the gap has been filled with many classic episodes. From serial killing Silas to the bus crash that interrupted Tony and Cindy’s wedding viewers have been given a chance to relive some of the best episodes that stood out.

Next week Hollyoaks Favourites, which airs Tuesday – Friday, rewinds the clock to 2007 and looks back at Hannah Ashworth’s battle with anorexia, starring Emma Rigby.

Tuesday 21st July

Episode 2118

Hannah (Emma Rigby) desperately tries to convince her family that she’s on the road to recovery. She helps Melissa break out of hospital and they plan to escape the village but are stopped in their tracks when tragedy strikes. Meanwhile, Fletch is struggling to cope with the pressure of dating two girls at once, Sarah is excited to move to Dublin with Craig, and Jessica buckles under a mountain of unpaid bills.

Wednesday 22nd July

Episode 2119

Hannah (Emma Rigby) struggles to accept what’s happened to her friend, Melissa. Realizing the extent of Hannah’s anorexia, Sarah and Nancy assure her that they’ll help her through it. Elsewhere, as Sasha and Leo sit down to a quiet meal, their evening is interrupted as a suitcase comes smashing through the window and Leo is forced to make a shocking admission.

(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Thursday 23rd July

Episode 2130

Hannah (Emma Rigby) attempts to blot over the last few weeks with a dramatic new look, but whilst John Paul and Sarah are arguing, Hannah has a panic attack and passes out. Suzanne frantically searches for clues that she has been hiding food. Meanwhile, Frankie’s finding it hard to deal with Craig’s departure, and Steph has Max on her mind, but she insists she doesn’t fancy him.

Friday 24th July

Episode 2132

Hannah (Emma Rigby)’s condition is clearly deteriorating but Suzanne is at a loss as to how to help her daughter. Rhys tries to reason with her, reminding her of the bubbly, happy girl she used to be. Meanwhile, Sarah and Amy squabble over who should babysit Leah whilst Mike is away, and Katy is in for a shock when she discovers that she’s not registered on the law course at school.