Emmerdale spoilers reveal ‘death’ and more in the episodes ahead

We may be living in an era of social distancing and new rules and regulations but for the residents of Emmerdale it’s drama as normal.

The Will/Malone saga looks set to come to a head when Yorkshire’s most villainous copper goes up against Harriet’s partner Will. Escalating tempers result in Malone getting a nasty whack with a spanner.

(Picture: ITV)

After her latest chemo appointment Charity takes Vanessa to her mother for some much needed rest. Tracy is on hand with some supportive words and promises to be there if Charity needs someone.

Sarah dabbles in crime and not content with pocketing just jewellery she is confronted by Priya who wants answers as to why the teenager has been snooping about in her house. Sarah isn’t in the mood to answer questions or give any apology and snatches Priya’s phone before doing a runner.

Jamie arrives home emboldened by Jai’s advice and convinces Andrea he wants to be with her, covering his true feelings of hate.

Dan asks Bob about the compensation money and is soon left hopeful.

Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00pm on ITV.


  1. I’ve stopped watching Emmerdale…fed up with all the doom and gloom…. Enough misery going on without having to put up with it on the TV as well.


    1. Yes we too have given up watching this as agree too much going on in real life and this programme has too many unbelievable stories that go on and on .


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