Wentworth spoilers: Season 8 Episode Two

Ends and Means. Series 8, episode 2

Facing prosecution for the siege and a life behind bars following the Attorney General’s suicide, an embittered Marie makes a desperate, last-ditch attempt to avenge her son.

Commencing her new role as Industries Manager, Vera relies on Ann’s friendship and her reconnection with the H1 prisoners to help ease her return to work. Will crosses an ethical boundary that puts him at loggerheads with Vera. Lou turns her focus to raising funds for Reb’s transition surgery, however Boomer’s antagonism threatens to incite further conflict. And Ferguson puts her plan of revenge into action.

Lou and Reb scam the inmates.

Boomer works out Lou and Reb’s scam.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020 on 5STAR at 10pm.

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