A compelling, sinister narrative of lust, manipulation and betrayal, the central character in The Deceived is English student Ophelia (Emily Reid – Belgravia, Curfew), who falls in love with her married lecturer, seeing in him all the answers to her needs. When their affair is interrupted by a shocking and tragic death, Ophelia finds herself trapped in a world where she can no longer trust her own mind.

Ophelia can’t sleep, reeling from her vision. She tells Michael what she saw but he dismisses it as exhaustion, and they return to bed. In the morning, his friend Matthew (Dempsey Bovell) calls to say Michael’s father Hugh (Ian McElhinney) has been taken ill, so Michael heads to Cambridge, where he finds Hugh has had a mysterious visitor. Michael has told Mary to keep an eye on Ophelia so, to escape her, Ophelia heads to meet Sean at the pub. As they talk, Sean guesses that her baby is Michael’s, but promises to keep it secret. They are interrupted by local psychic Cloda (Louisa Harland), who says she has sensed Roisin at the house. Disturbed, Ophelia heads back, where Mary waits to tell her that she too knows about the affair.

In Cambridge, Michael discovers the identity of his father’s mysterious visitor. As suspicions increase about Roisin’s death, Michael issues a threatening ultimatum, before driving Hugh to Ireland. Meanwhile, at Knockdara, Cloda arrives and imparts a dreadful warning to Ophelia.


  • Annabelle is played by Saffron Coomber
  • Cloda is played by Louisa Harland
  • Hugh is played by Ian McElhinney
  • Lucy is played by Ciara Berkeley
  • Mary is played by Eleanor Methven
  • Matthew is played by Dempsey Bovell
  • Michael is played by Emmett J Scanlan
  • Ophelia is played by Emily Reid
  • Richard is played by Lloyd Everitt
  • Roisin is played by Catherine Walker
  • Ruth is played by Shelley Conn
  • Sean is played by Paul Mescal
  • Sheila is played by Cathy-Brennan Bradley

The Deceived continues Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 on Channel 5 at 9:00pm