Emmerdale spoilers and pictures: Monday 24 – Friday 28 August 2020

Tragic news reaches Victoria as an Emmerdale stalwart passes away

It’s the end of an era for a much loved Sugden next week when Victoria recives the news that Annie Sugden has passed away. Marlon is left feeling awful for her after the news.

Victoria’s grandmother was played by Sheila Mercier in 1972 up to 1994 when Annie moved to Spain with Amos Brearly. Aniie returned 2 years later to ask for Jack’s help and in 2009 for Jack’s funeral.

Sheila Mercier passed away in December 2019 at the age of 100.

Vinny is LIVing it up?

When Vinny tells Paul he has a crush on Liv a scheming Paul uses it to his own ends and later cooks up a dinner date between Liv and Vinny.

Mandy and Paul end up eating at said dinner date but a unhappy Mandy scolds Liv for the date she believed was cancelled. It is Mandy tho that ends up shocked by what Liv replies with.

Just what has Paul been up to?

The Belle of the ball

The truth about Belle and Jamie comes out to a surprised family. However, Jamie is trying to get Nate on-side and to reassure Belle that he hasn’t yet agreed to keep their secret. Belle is later left furious when Nate reveals that Jamie tried to bribe him to stay quiet.

Belle struggles with the guilt when she sees Moira struggling.

Belle was on Nate’s side in trying to get him and Cain talking.Will she be able to talk him round?

Also this week

  • Tracy’s surprised about the curtness between Belle and Jamie.
  • Knowing Victoria and Luke are made for one another, Marlon and Bob consider doing something about it.
  • Tracy is grateful when Nate gets his job back at Wylies.

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