Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 31 August – Friday 4 September 2020

Charity begins at home…and it looks like her adoption dream could be over when another visit from the social worker comes midway through a row between Charity and Sarah.

Marlon gets a slice of the action next week when a gloating Al stops by the Woolpack to brag about the Hide’s take-away service success. Later, we get a shifty Marlon stashing the pizza boxes into his car.

It however looks set to backfire when Amy reveals Al’s threatening to sack her.

A real Ding Dong!

A returning Cain is less than happy when he learns that Belle is back with Jamie and demands to know why she’s back with a Tate.

Jamie overhears Sam bad-mouthing him, and fires Sam, who looks to Belle for support. Sam’s shocked when she sides with Jamie. Later, Belle arrives back at the Dingle’s to collect her things after confessing to Zak that she’s moving in with Jamie.

More Dingle Drama!

When a charity collection goes missing Mandy suspects Paul which leaves Vinny stunned when he hears of her accusations.

However, when they return to the shop, David finds the charity money was simply misplaced and Vinny is furious. He tells Mandy not to make him choose between her and Paul.

Paul assures Vinny that nothing will break them apart again and the young Dingle soon sends his mother packing. What could Paul really be up to when he later makes a mysterious phone call?

Also this week:

  • Billy’s released from police custody and is interrogated by Will.
  • Tracy encourages Nate to organise a family meeting so they can give everyone the news about the baby.

Emmerdale airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7pm on ITV.


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