Wentworth spoilers: Season 8 Episode Six – Fugitive

Fugitive. Series 8, episode 6

  • Written by Pete McTighe
  • Directed by Fiona Banks

Resurrection, Rehabilitation, Redemption – these are the overarching themes of the final 20 episodes of Wentworth, which returns for Series 8.

Rita sacrifices her one hope of exoneration, in order to rescue Ruby.

Believing Marie responsible for Ruby’s disappearance, Allie takes extreme measures to get Marie to talk, with the help of Boomer and Judy, and nearly makes a fatal mistake. Marie saves Reb from an attack by ‘The Critter’, bonding them, while hiding it from Lou.

Will clashes with Ann again over her interference in day-to-day management decisions. And Ferguson returns to Wentworth.

(Pictures: Ben King Photography/Channel 5)


  • Allie Novak is played by Kate Jenkinson
  • Ann Reynolds is played by Jane Hall
  • Dr Greg Miller is played by David de Lautour
  • Jake Stewart is played by Bernard Curry
  • Joan Ferguson is played by Pamela Rabe
  • Judy Bryant is played by Vivienne Awosoga
  • Linda Miles is played by Jacquie Brennan
  • Lou Kelly is played by Kate Box
  • Marie Winter is played by Susie Porter
  • Reb Keane is played by Zoe Terakes
  • Rita Connors is played by Leah Purcell
  • Ruby Mitchell is played by Rarriwuy Hick
  • Sheila Bausch is played by Marta Dusseldorp
  • Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins is played by Katrina Milosevic
  • Vera Bennett is played by Kate Atkinson
  • Will Jackson is played by Robbie Magasiva
  • Zaina Saad is played by Louisa Mignone

Fugitive airs on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020 on 5STAR 10pm

Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) in the psych unit, claiming to be Kath Maxwell. (Picture: Channel 5)

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