Rownd a Rownd returns to S4C on 8th September

We return to Glanrafon this September as new episodes of the popular Welsh soap kick off.

As the soap returns on 8th September we find Dylan and Llew trying to move on after the loss of Fflur and make a fresh start with a bit of help from Rhys.

Dylan is trying to move on after losing Fflur (Picture: S4C)

While out jogging Elen and Sian dodge a disaster but Sian gets a shock and a blast from her past.

Things are still not better between Barry and Carys as Barry remains determined to get his hands on Copa.

Mel is busy arranging a surprise birthday party for Kelvin, but by the end of the day the tables are turned and Mel receives the biggest surprise! (Picture: S4C)

Meanwhile, following the car accident which she and Elen were witness to, Sian learns a little more about Mark’s past. Mali decides to welcome Dylan and Llew to the street, and there might be a little hope for Barry and Aled’s plan.

The Drama kicks off on Tuesday 8th September at 8.25pm on S4C with catchup on S4C Clic and BBC Iplayer.

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