A new face is set to rock the boat in Rownd a Rownd

A new face has recently arrived in Glanrafon and while we don’t know much about him yet, Mark Harris is sure to bring trouble.

In scenes that aired this week in Rownd a Rownd Sian was witness to a car accident while out jogging with a friend, even more of a shock was recognising the face behind the wheel.

Although Sian hasn’t seen Mark Harris for about 20 years, when both were studying to be police officers at Hendon Training College, she learns a little more about him when she visits him in hospital.

Rhodri Evan plays Mark Harris in Rownd a Rownd (Picture: S4C)

For some S4C viwers actor Rhodri Evan may already be known having previously appeared in the drama series Gwaith/Cartref.

Describing his character Rhodri says: He’s been through a relatively difficult time in his life lately, and he’s not quite sure where his life is going, I think. He works in PR and comes across as quite confident and determined. We know he and Sian have a history. It’s hard to read on the surface what goes through his head. I can’t reveal too much, but it’s only a matter of time until he stirs things up and creates problems between Sian and her husband!

He also went on to discuss the confines of filming due to the coronavirus: “In the episode where the accident happens, the set-up of the scene was originally going to be a bit of a stunt – the car having an accident and seeing injuries on the face and so on. But that had to change because it wasn’t possible to do all the special effects make-up. Basically, we see more of a hint of things rather than exactly what’s going on, by seeing a response – Sian and Elen’s reaction when they see the accident. I feel so fortunate that things have been able to be adapted, we’re back working and able to create something that is part of S4C’s schedule”.

Rownd a Rownd airs Tuesday and Thursday at 8:25 on S4C with catchup on BBC Iplayer and S4C Clic.

(Cover image: S4C)

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