Hollyoaks spoilers: A shocking crime is commited as Hollyoaks returns

It’s back and I personally couldn’t be happier with brand new episodes and seeing what is to come in the run-up to the 25th anniversary. A series of flashback episodes next week will show many Hollyoaks favourites such as Felix (Richard Blackwood), Martine (Kelle Bryan), Diane (Alex Fletcher) recalling events to the police.

On what should be the happiest day of his life Mitchell wants his grandfathers acceptance but after Toby reveals to Walter that Mitchell is marrying a man, Scott and Walter lock horns.

Meanwhile, Martine has no idea that Felix has been two-timing her with neice, Lisa. Grace discovers this little secret and warns Felix it could all blow up in his face.

Scemeing Edward (Joe McGann) puts another nail in the coffin for son Tony (Nick Pickard) and Diane (Alex Fletcher) after he continues to drug Tony which leads to another public outburst which results in Tony being banned from the wedding.

It’s very appropriate that the grooms on arrival should get room number 13 as no Hollyoaks wedding is smooth sailing. Sure enough more trouble comes as Mitchell discovers that Toby tried to sabotage the wedding, and there is a huge bust-up.

Later, with Mitchell nowhere to be seen and Scott wonders where his husband is. A horrifying mix up is made by one of the triplets whilst another tries to find out what has happened.

As the week draws to a close, back in present day, Felix wants answers about what really happened on the night of the wedding and

Also this week: James smirks as he listens to John Paul and George and mocks that the couple have nothing in common, and later John Paul is left feeling rejected by George.

Hollyoaks airs Monday – Thursday, Ch4, 6:30pm/E4, 7pm

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