Abi, David, Shona, Leanne, Nick and Asha in Corrie

Coronation Street spoilers: 14 – 18 September 2020

Monday September 14th – Episode 1

The doctor announces that they’re going to reduce Oliver’s sedation and try and remove his breathing tube. Leanne’s delighted at the news whilst Steve and Tracy remain cautious 

BILLY’S NEWS UPSETS PAUL At Mary’s suggestion, she and Billy call at the police station to find out if the body was definitely Kel’s. When Billy reveals that a body was found in the canal and he suspects it might be that of Kel, Paul’s distraught and heads out leaving Billy worried.

DAVID GET SOME MORE BAD NEWS David and Shona return to the street. Ray tells David they’re welcome to stay at his hotel for as long as they need and he’s happy to recommend a builder. After a fruitless call to the house insurance company, David tells Shona that unless there’s any structural damage to the house, they won’t pay out. 

TOYAH HAS SOME TRICKY QUESTIONS Karen from social services questions Toyah at length about the situation with Susie and her intention to pass her off as her own. 

Monday September 14th – Episode 2

PAUL PUTS ON A BRAVE FACE Whilst Bernie is delighted that Kel has died Billy finds Paul drinking in Victoria Gardens and despite his bravado can see that he is struggling with the news.

CAN DEV AND ASHA SEE EYE TO EYE? After speaking to Aadi and being advised by Nina, Asha decides to sit down with Dev and try and clear the air. But she is not impressed when he opens the laptop and presents her with a spreadsheet of how much it would cost her and Corey to live together.

IT’S A GOOD DAY FOR TOYAH BUT A SAD DAY FOR LEANNE The doctor breaks the news to Leanne and Steve that they’ve had to up Oliver’s sedation again as his seizures are beyond their control and life support is the only thing keeping him alive. Toyah and Imran are overjoyed when Karen says she will recommend them to the fostering panel. But their joy turns to sadness when Nick calls from the hospital with Oliver’s news. Leanne tells Nick, Steve and Tracy that she’ll do whatever it takes, but she’ll never give up on her son.

DAVID IS SUSPICIOUS OF RAY’S MOTIVES David is pleased when Ray says he can stay at the hotel as long as he likes but his gratitude turns to suspicion when Ray offers to ask a developer mate of his to buy the house off David for full asking price.

Wednesday September 16th – Episode 1

CAN DEBBIE AND ABI MAKE AMENDS? Kevin sets off with Jack to an athletics event and suggests to Abi and Debbie they take the opportunity to get to know each other. Sally tells Debbie that Abi is a good person and loves Kevin, unaware that Abi is on the phone to Peter telling him all she can think about is getting a fix. Debbie apologises to Abi and suggests they start again. 

IT’S A DAY OF MIXED EMOTIONS FOR STEVE AND LEANNE Steve and Leanne are pleased when the consultant reveals that a specialist from another hospital is coming over to assess Oliver and give a second opinion. Having done some research on the internet, Nick tells a thrilled Leanne about a hospital in Germany where they can treat people with Oliver’s condition. But their hope is short lived when the consultant breaks the news to Steve and Leanne that having obtained a second opinion, unfortunately it has only confirmed that Oliver will never be able to breathe unaided and the time has come to talk about switching off his life support.  

PAUL AND BILLY GET VISIT FROM THE POLICE A police officer calls round and, having confirmed that the body was indeed that of Kel, asks Paul a series of questions. When Paul asserts that he’s not surprised Kel was murdered, the officer points out that he never said he was. 

DAVID A downcast David tells Sally that after a visit from a structural engineer, it would seem that he’s responsible for the hole in the garden and it’ll cost at least £20k to fix. When Shona admits how much she enjoyed her night with David, Nina urges her to tell him. David realises he has no choice but to sell. 

ELSEWHERE Undertaker George Shuttleworth calls at the Rovers and apologises to Mary for being short with her earlier. Mary remains frosty but Emma can tell she’s taken a shine to him.

Wednesday September 16th – Episode 2

LEANNE AND STEVE LOOK FOR ANSWERS ABROAD Her shock turning to anger, Leanne accuses the consultant of giving up on Oliver and announces that she’s found a hospital in Germany that will be able to treat him. Leanne and Steve facetime the doctor in Germany and Steve is concerned when Leanne plays down the severity of Oliver’s case. Leanne won’t listen and is delighted when the doctor says he will treat Oliver. 

ABI COMES CLEAN In the corner shop, Abi comes clean and explains to Debbie how she stole some morphine from the hospital after her accident, it reignited her drug addiction and Peter is simply trying to help her. How will she react? 

SHONA HAS SOME NEWS FOR DAVID When David reveals he’s selling the house, Sarah’s gutted, pointing out the kids will be too. Shona calls at No.8 and on Nina’s advice, tells David how much she liked being with him the other night and how she feels ready to move back in with him. Will he agree? 

ELSEWHERE When Billy tentatively asks Paul what makes him think Kel has been murdered and if he had anything to do with it, Paul becomes angry and defensive. Adam persuades Daniel to join him at the flat tomorrow evening for an online pub quiz.

Friday September 18th

WILL ABI TELL KEVIN THE TRUTH? Abi tells Peter about her conversation with Debbie and her insisting she comes clean to Kevin. Debbie suggests she take Jack out to give Abi and Kevin some time on their own. As Kevin and Abi wait for their takeaway lunch in Speed Daal, a jittery Abi plucks up the courage and announces that she’s got something to tell him. Abi falteringly admits to Kevin how she stole some morphine from the hospital, she didn’t take it but she’s been fighting her addiction demons ever since. How will he react? 

TRACY WANTS STEVE TO BE HONEST WITH LEANNE A downbeat Steve tells Tracy and Emma about the £500,000 needed for Oliver’s treatment in Germany. Promising that she’ll come up with some fundraising ideas, Emma heads off to work. But Tracy insists Steve talk to Leanne about the fact she played down Oliver’s symptoms. Will he agree? At Steve’s insistence Leanne calls the doctor and gives a truthful account of Oliver’s condition. 

BILLY’S SUSPICIONS ANGER PAUL Craig calls at the flower shop flat and confirms that they’re not looking for anyone in connection with Kel’s death as it was accidental. Billy’s relief is evident and Paul watches him, hurt and angry to realise that Billy seriously thought he’d murdered Kel.

KIRK IS CONCERNED ABOUT DANIEL’S NEW FRIEND Daniel’s delighted to bump into Nicky outside the Kabin. When Kirk spots Daniel enjoying a drink with Nicky, he worries that Daniel has got a new girlfriend, knowing that Beth will be furious. When Kirk points out Nicky, Craig recognises her but can’t quite place her. When Kirk comes over Daniel steers Nicky away asking her to come back to his but she insists she has a client to see.

ELSEWHERE Shona calls at No.8 and announces that she’d like to move back in as soon as possible. David promises to speak to Aaron and rips up the house sale contract. Emma makes the customers vote on whether she should do a dance-off or a sponsored silence.  She’s peeved to realise the silence option is proving most popular.

Coronation airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV at 7:30.

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