EastEnders spoilers: Coming up in Walford

Tina and Frankie kiss?, a breakdown for Mitch after some harsh words from Gray and Callum is painted as a grass….its all going down in Walford.

If Mitch wasn’t already suffering after Chantelle’s death then Gray is determined to add to it by painting Mitch to be a terrible father.

Kicking off the drama on Monday, Isaac is still reeling about his meeting with the school about the drugs and it doesn’t take long before an altercation with Phil begins.

Max accuses Ian of stealing his business and life savings. Things go from bad to worse when Max later threatens Ian.

Mick finds Frankie taking photos of Ollie and on further inspection he is surprised to see so many pictures of Ollie and the family.

Tuesday 22 September

Callum is looking through some paperwork when Danny Hardcastle turns up. Danny tells Phil he caught Callum looking through his paperwork – he’s a grass.

Ben is angry with Callum about being late and assumes it was to do with his dad leading to more tension…

Thursday 1st October

Callum is struggling after the fatal car accident.

Jack and Amy bump into Isaac who blames Jack for Amy causing his suspension. Jack threatens Isaac. 

(Picture: BBC)

Friday 2nd October

Gray says Mitch is a terrible father. Mitch breaks down in tears.

Mick is anxious about Linda being around so much booze and makes her a mocktail.

Tina and Frankie go The Vic to get booze, there is a moment between Tina and Frankie so Tina goes in for a kiss 

EastEnders air these from across next week on BBC One.

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