EastEnders spoilers: Thursday 24 September 2020

Thursday 24 September 2020

Ian is still avoiding Max – blaming the bank for the delay in getting Max his money back.

Linda mentions to Max that Ian is desperate for cash and Max explains he signed over his half of the restaurant to him…she later tells Sharon the news. 

Amy finds a way to see Isaac on the way to school but he tells Denise not to worry, he’ll stop tutoring Amy. He then spots a small bag of weed on the floor as Denise looks on shocked…Isaac says he’ll hand it in on his way home from work and pockets it as Amy watches on.

Kheerat and Mitch meet again and Kheerat tells him that he spoke to Chantelle through lockdown, she wasn’t happy with Gray.

He theorises that Gray found out they were planning on running away and they had a row and she got fatally hurt – he asks Mitch if he thinks it’s possible and Mitch leaves angry and frustrated.

Mitch later tells Karen about Kheerat’s theory.

Stacey tells Kat she’s worried her mum will never forgive her for leaving – Kat reminds her she’s had a tough time beating cancer and loosing the man she loved as well as losing her daughter, a reminder of all the things Stacey has missed.

EastEnders airs on Thursday 24 September | 19.35 | BBC ONE

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