The following post contains a LOT of spoilers for Riviera Series 3

Episode One

Georgina is attempting to restore order to her life by reinventing herself as an art restitution lecturer – however, noted expert Gabriel Hirsch has other ideas. He makes her an offer she can’t refuse: come and work with him, and practise what she’s preaching. Fast forward to Venice, where Georgina and Gabriel are on the search for a looted Picasso at a party hosted by corrupt art dealer Luca.

Georgina soon has Luca on the ropes about the painting’s provenance, but things turn sour once she leaves the party with Gabriel – they find themselves being pursued by armed men. Cornered, Georgina is forced to seize a gun and kill a man to save Gabriel.

It soon becomes clear that it’s not just Luca on their tail: Ellen Swann (chief of staff to chilly tech billionaire, Alex Harewood) and Cesar Alsina Suarez (son of Victor Alsina Suarez, mayor of Buenos Aires) are determined to find them. But why?

Victor’s re-election campaign is being dogged by outspoken cleric Enrique Romero, who is protesting alongside Juliana Castillo, who wants the truth about her son Tomas’s suspicious death. Enrique’s aunt, Gloria, has promised to tell Victor a juicy secret about Enrique that will silence him – but only if Victor returns a family heirloom to her – an antique rosary. Georgina discovers that self-same rosary in Gabriel’s possession – he pocketed it during their search of Luca’s palazzo. It’s a timebomb.

She tries to repair the damage by returning the rosary to Luca but she’s too late – he’s been murdered – and his killer, Cesar is still in the palazzo. A tense gun battle ensues and Georgina escapes by the skin of her teeth, only to find that Gabriel has been abducted by Ellen and taken to St Tropez – forcing Georgina to go back to the Riviera.

Episode Two

Georgina emerges from having the rosary assessed by an antique jeweller, only to be mugged! She races after the thief, who steals her gun but abandons her bag. Her relief turns to dismay when she comes face to face with Nico Eltham.

Nico’s in St Tropez for the regatta, ‘Les Voiles’, and wastes no time in warning her to stay away from his sister. Easier said than done in a small town – soon Georgina and Gabriel bump into a newly single Daphne and her beau, Dario.

Gabriel has cut a deal to sell the rosary to Alex, but Georgina wants to find its rightful owner, and so they stall her – little knowing that, back in Venice, all the carnage is coming to light. Victor instructs Cesar to flee the scene of the crime – he must go and stay with his big brother Dario…

Daphne confides in Georgina her struggles with the knowledge that her brother’s a killer. Speak of the devil… Nico’s arrival means that Gabriel witnesses the toxicity of the Elthams’ relationship – and the enmity between Nico and Georgina.

Episode Three

A fully-clothed Gabriel leaps to the rescue when he discovers Daphne sinking under the water. Once safe, she confides in Georgina how worthless Nico makes her feel, but Georgina’s unequivocal: escaping Nico is something Daphne must do herself. Daphne defies Nico to go clubbing with Cesar, while Georgina and Gabriel investigate Victor.

Georgina and Gabriel interrogate a hungover Cesar about Tomas Castillo. Cesar stonewalls them, but then tips Ellen off, who informs Alex. To say Alex is unimpressed that they are still sniffing around is an understatement…

Meanwhile, Nico finds Daphne packing a bag, and piles on the emotional blackmail to stop her leaving. Later, Georgina notices grip marks on an edgy Daphne’s wrist and storms round to confront Nico – only to find his body on the floor in a pool of blood, the knife that Daphne used to kill him still in his chest. Can Georgina dig her friend out of this hole?

In Buenos Aires, Victor hands Gloria the rosary in exchange for Enrique’s secret. Victor is not expecting to see Gloria so rattled by the love note hidden inside it – they both know priests get up to much worse! Gloria confesses her suspicion that Enrique killed his lover. Victor kidnaps Enrique and threatens to expose the truth. A broken Enrique agrees to do whatever Victor wants.

Georgina advises Daphne how to live with her actions, before taking Nico’s car to a salvage yard. She looks on impassively as it is crushed, his body in the boot. When she returns, she’s in no mood to be questioned by Gabriel, and they argue. Gabriel walks out and Georgina wrongly assumes he’s gone to see Alex. Alex puts up with Georgina’s questioning for the briefest moment before Ellen empties a needle into Georgina’s arm. She crashes to the ground, unconscious.

Episode Four

Georgina wakes up in a remote psychiatric facility where she’s been forcibly sectioned by Alex and Ellen to keep her quiet. Trapped and angry, she kicks off, vowing revenge. She’s determined to stay strong throughout her therapy sessions with Dr Mathieu, but Alex and Ellen have given Dr Mathieu a lot of information about her…

Meanwhile, Ellen tells Daphne about Georgina’s breakdown. Panicked that Georgina might spill the beans about Nico’s murder, Daphne tracks her down. Georgina hopes Daphne’s her way out, but it suits Daphne just fine for everyone to think she’s crazy and for her to stay locked up. Abandoned, medicated and isolated, Georgina experiences hallucinations and starts to doubt her own sanity – will she ever escape?

In Buenos Aires, Juliana is enraged to see Enrique’s very public climbdown over the Tomas Castillo affair, whereas Victor and Alex are delighted. However, Dario becomes concerned about his father’s ailing health and urges Victor to stand down; when he won’t listen to reason, he pleads his case with Alex, but she is equally ambitious. Dario warns Alex not to outstay her welcome in his city…

An increasingly anxious Gabriel asks Daphne to help him report Georgina’s disappearance to the police, throwing her into a panic. Meanwhile, Georgina chances on the storeroom containing her belongings and finds her phone. She rings Gabriel, but Daphne dumps his phone into a wine bucket. Can Gabriel recover the message and rescue his friend?

Forced into another therapy session, Georgina is defiant but the toll it’s taking is clear. She seizes her chance, attacking Dr Mathieu and stealing her security pass. Loyal Gabriel’s waiting outside, and they speed off. A chase ensues but Dr Mathieu is forced to halt her pursuit when she sees Gabriel’s car at the bottom of a ravine, in flames.

Episode Five

Alex is angered to learn that Georgina and Gabriel are on the run, and instructs Ellen to sort this problem out – once and for all. Ellen’s at a loss until a determined Georgina and Gabriel hack into Ellen’s e-mail and find a redacted copy of Tomas Castillo’s autopsy report. At last – a concrete answer – but the hack means Ellen can ping them back. She identifies their location and dispatches Cesar to deal with them. The chase is on …

Georgina and Gabriel try to shake him off, but he‘s hot on their heels and he corners them on a train. He shoots at Gabriel, who retaliates, slamming a fire extinguisher into Cesar’s face. Georgina takes charge of the gun and of Cesar – he’s now their hostage.

With Cesar as their human shield, Georgina and Gabriel make for the eye of the storm – but not before Gabriel challenges Georgina to tell him the truth about her history of violence. Dropping her guard isn’t easy, but she admits that when she shot the man in Venice, this wasn’t the first time she’d killed someone. Her honesty cements Gabriel’s trust in her.

In Buenos Aires, Victor and Dario are delighted to have Cesar back in one piece, but Victor levels with Georgina and Gabriel – this has not bought their safety. He urges them to leave the city for their own good – instead, they track down Juliana Castillo. She reveals that Tomas was getting paid big money by a polo club. At the club, they discover that Alex is a patron, and they also bump into Daphne and Dario, neither of whom are pleased to see them. Despite the frosty reception, Georgina and Gabriel vow to keep going – little knowing that their every move is now being followed by Victor’s armed guards.

Episode Six

It’s election day, and Victor has one last chance to persuade the city to vote for him. He parades Dario and Cesar at the ballot boxes, while Georgina and Gabriel try to persuade Juliana to co-operate with a lawyer, but without success.

A deflated Georgina and Gabriel head out, only to be pounced on by Rodolfo, who has information about Tomas’s death. He points out Victor’s men in pursuit, telling them to lose the tail and meet him in an hour. An adrenaline fuelled chase through Villa 31 ensues – at last, Gabriel manages to act as decoy, freeing Georgina up to meet Rodolfo.

It’s an anxious wait in the iconic Plaza de Mayo for Georgina but Rodolfo is worth it – he reveals that Tomas was a participant in a covert medical trial, run by a big pharma corporation called Cirsium Industries. Before Rodolfo can say any more, Victor’s men reappear and he panics, running out into the traffic where he is knocked down. Georgina and Gabriel know that they’re dicing with danger, but they can’t ignore this concrete lead. Arriving at Cirsium, they are met by none other than Ellen. They realise that this is where Tomas died – that’s what Victor and Alex conspired to conceal. They are shocked when Ellen confides that she’s planning to blow the whistle. But can they trust her?

Meanwhile, Alex meets with Dr Gonzalez (who heads up Cirsium) and strongarms him into making the Rodolfo problem go away…

The votes are in and Victor has won. Georgina and Gabriel attend the celebrations, and play nice with Alex. The pressure’s piled on when Cesar reveals that he knows what happened to Nico. Georgina confronts Daphne, but the party comes to a dramatic halt when a drive-by shooter opens fire on the red carpet.

Episode Seven

It’s carnage at the party venue. Alex and Cesar are both injured, but the target was clearly Victor, who lies dead on the red carpet. Georgina and Gabriel share the same question – who did this?

The emotional aftershock prompts Gabriel to open up about his late wife, who could have been saved by Alex’s pioneering drugs. All that work is now in jeopardy – Ellen and Dr Gonzalez worry that Alex is going to pull the plug.

The revelation that Juliana was behind Victor’s assassination sends shockwaves through the city. It makes Gabriel wonder about their culpability, and he falls out with Georgina over it.

With Dario and Cesar reeling, Daphne reaches out to Georgina, but finds little solace – Daphne abandoning Georgina in the psychiatric facility was the last straw… Georgina gets more than she bargained for when she tracks down Ellen and discovers Ellen’s mother, Cynthia, instead. Georgina learns that Ellen’s father was a scientist – Alex bought his company and stole his research. Ellen’s concealed her real identity so she can take revenge on Alex whose ‘catch and kill’ prompted her father to take his own life.

Georgina holds out an olive branch to Gabriel, who can’t quite believe this is Ellen’s response to her loss. Georgina fears there’s more to this than meets the eye. Sure enough, Ellen blackmails Dr Gonzalez to help her with the next phase of her plan in secret.

When Dario tries to pull the plug on Cirsium, Ellen urges Alex to steamroller him – they can’t stop now. However, it soon becomes clear that her plan extends beyond whistleblowing about Tomas. Georgina and Gabriel corner Dr Gonzalez, who admits that Ellen intends to contaminate the next phase of the trial with the same drug that killed Tomas. She’s going to frame Harewood for murder.

Episode Eight

Georgina and Gabriel race to Cirsium while Alex proudly addresses the new triallists about their role in the future of medicine – little knowing that, as she speaks, Ellen is putting the deadly drugs in place.

Georgina and Gabriel rush in, but Ellen has primed security, and they are led not into the boardroom but down into a cellar where they’re restrained and abandoned. As Alex begins her presentation, Ellen starts to waver – these people are innocent victims and the drug has such amazing potential to change lives – can she really go through with it? Cynthia piles on the pressure, but the final straw is Alex’s claim that the research behind the drug is all her own work. Ellen snaps.

It’s a race against time for Georgina and Gabriel, who must use all their strength and cunning to escape – but it’s too late – the triallists are already poisoned. The medics scramble to save them, but three young people lose their lives. Though Cynthia escapes, Dario makes sure that Alex and Ellen are arrested and, in a moving address, he sets the record straight about Victor’s involvement with Cirsium and about the truth of Tomas’s death.

Georgina and Gabriel accept Cesar’s invitation to Victor’s memorial – it’s a time for everyone to grieve, Daphne especially. However, when gentlemanly Gabriel offers his support, Daphne spies an opportunity. She summons Georgina to her rooftop suite for a lethal showdown. Daphne threatens to drown a drugged Gabriel unless Georgina reveals what she did with Nico’s body. Georgina tells the truth but this only prompts Daphne to drown him anyway. In a dramatic underwater rescue, Georgina gives Gabriel the kiss of life – impassioned, she threatens to kill Daphne if she ever comes near him again. What does the future hold for Georgina and Gabriel?