Belle Dingle’s world is falling apart having successfully managed to dupe Jamie Tate who she was in love with him while plotting against him after learning that he was responsible for the hit and run on Moira Dingle.

“They were on the same side and she [Andrea] betrayed her” explains Eden who plays the troubled Dingle. “If she could go back then she would have made Jamie go the police but she loved him too much then”.

Speaking about next week’s storyline Eden told us “I don’t think she is thinking about herself or her career. Her mum is telling her these things and she meddles with Jamie’s vet bag and could potentially hurt animals that he is treating putting his job at risk as well as her own”.

When Jamie returns, he confronts Belle but rather than be sacked she quits and Paddy can’t believe what he is hearing.

Nate tries to help Belle and get her to remain positive but Belle’s depressed by everything going on “she can’t see any way out, she’s in a rut, her mum’s not helping her and making it worse.

Belle has had her fair share of terrible relationships such as Lachlan and Eden is keen for Belle to steer clear for now “She just needs peace and quiet because at 22 it’s been hell. She just needs to wait until there is a nice guy, Belle needs to be alone to get herself in the best place she can get herself in”.

Emmerdale airs these scenes for Belle from Monday 12 October on ITV.