Ros na Rún spoilers: Áine wonders who killed her mother?

The story so far:

Frances died recently after being attacked by an, as yet, unknown assailant. On the case is O’Shea but as is the case with soaps we’ll get everyone acting guilty and about a dozen arrests before they finally catch the right one, even if the culprit is plainly ovbious.

As it stands we have Tadhg, Malachaí, and Andy trying to prove they didn’t do it or intent on framing another, but was it them?

This week:

Tadhg, knowing Malachaí is trying to frame him for Frances murder tells O’Shea, when she attempts to question him, that she is barking up the wrong tree. Wanting to implicate Malachaí, he tells O’Shea that Frances did not want to marry Malachaí and did not accept his engagement ring. What will O’Shea do with this information?

Noreen, angry that O’Shea has not made any headway into Frances murder or Dee’s whereabouts, insults her.

Later, Malachaí, determined to prove to O’Shea that he had no part to play in Frances death, ensures she finds the engagement ring in the B&B. Will this be enough to prove his innocence?

Ros na Rún airs these scenes from Tuesday 27 October on TG4.

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