Ros na Rún spoilers: Wedding bells for Vince and Caitríona? and it’s goodbye to Frances

Next week in Ros na Rún Tadhg manges to keep his temper in check when rubbed up the wrong way by Malachaí but loses it in front of everyone at Frances wake.

Vince insists Caitríona attend her counseling session today. Caitríona believing she does not have a problem is reluctant to go. Will Caitríona attend the session or lie to Vince?

It’s Bobbi Lee’s first day as manager, and she is keen to impress. Hoping to lure in new customers she quickly cuts Briain’s healthy food options from the menu. Will Bobbi Lee draw the wrath of Berni on herself?

Michelle opens up to Rory about what exactly happened between her and Andy. Expecting sympathy, she is surprised when Rory rebukes her for being so naïve. Will Rory regret his words or do something else to cause Michelle upset.

Tadhg discovers that Andy could not have murdered Frances as he has an alibi for the day she was murdered. He worries Malachaí may be trying to pin the murder on him, and fears he may have planted evidence for O’Shea to find. Is Tadhg being paranoid?

Maeve notices how close Caitríona and Vince have become, and likes it. Having witnessed how sad everyone was today at Frances funeral, Maeve wishes they could bring people together for a happy occasion and suggests Vince and Caitríona get married. What will Caitríona and Vince’s reaction be to this?

Ros na Rún airs these scenes Tuesday 20 and Thursday 22 October at 20:30 on TG4

All photos credit to TG4

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