Ros na Rún spoilers: Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 October 2020

Next week on Ros na Rún sees Mack get some news he isn’t expecting, Bernie wants rid of Bobbi Lee & co and Malachaí is worried.

A broken hearted George, is hurt and angry, that Tadhg did not have the decency to tell him of his daughter’s death. Tadhg insists he did, telling George that he spoke to Minnie, and told her the devastating news. Will George believe him?

Later, Malachaí continues to tell people that he and Frances were engaged but Tadhg does not believe it, and tells Malachaí he is on to him. Malachaí fearful of what Tadhg may say, plants the engagement ring back in the B&B. Will he manage to do this without being seen?

Mack gets some shocking news

Mack desperately wants to find out where Dee and Bláithín are. Noreen feels guilty, as she knows Dee and Bláithín are safe but cannot reveal this information to Mack. Tensions rise further when O’Shea informs Mack that Dee contacted the Gardaí before she left the country. What did Dee tell them?

Noreen desperately wants to tell Mack about Dee’s email, but Ferdia persuades her not to. Mack informs them that he may have a lead as to where Dee and Bláithín are and he intends on flying to Thailand. Will Noreen ignore Ferdia’s wishes and tell Mack that Dee was in touch with Ferdia?

Caitríona is not happy

Caitríona, having intended to frame Colm for the credit card theft, now wants his help in how to clear her debt. Colm, under pressure from Mo, tells Caitríona what he thinks she should do. Will Caitríona listen to him?

Ros na Rún airs these scenes Tuesday 13 and Thursday 15 October at 20:30 on TG4

All photos credit to TG4.

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