Ros na Rún spoilers: 6 – 8th October 2020

This week on Ros na Rún the aftermath of Frances death brings new heartache as Áine struggles to cope and doesn’t understand why her mothers body hadn’t been released from the morgue.

After Dee’s dissepearing act Mack is full of worry about her and Bláithín, and wants to contact the Gardaí, until Noreen convinces him not to.

Mack later takes matters into his own hands when he discovers Noreen is more interested in protecting Dee’s repuation.

Are Colm and Caitríona having an affair? well that is what Vince thinks and he shares his thoughts with Mo who quickly puts him straight.

Niall, no thanks to Coilí Jackie, discovers what was said in court about Bobbi Lee and Andy. Niall is shocked and saddened that Bobbi Lee hadn’t told him herself. Will their relationship suffer because of this?

Bobbi Lee wanting time off to spend with Liam Óg gets short shrift from Noreen for wanting time off. Bobbi Lee’s day goes from bad to worse when she discovers how taken the school mammies are with her Niall. How will Bobbi Lee react?

O’Shea, believing Andy had to be responsible for Frances’s death is keen to arrest him, much to the Chief Superintendent’s dismay. Will the Chief Super pull O’Shea off the case?

Ros na Rún continues Tuesday 6th October on TG4 at 20:30

(All images credit to TG4)

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