Emmerdale wrecks popular relationship with a kiss viewers didn’t even see

It’s a soap trope that is never ending, take good characters, build them up and then destroy them.

Emmerdale’s ‘Vanity’ is the latest victim of this and it wasn’t even good viewing with one user of Twitter describing it as “so forced it was actually uncomfortable and cringe”.

There’s a lot that isn’t allowed on TV as it’s deemed offensive etc but doing what they did, and not for the first time, is offensive and negatively stereotypes bisexuality. Emmerdale faced a huge backlash over this with Robert and have gone for it again with Charity, only this was a kiss we didn’t even see happen.

Having put Vanessa’s character through a kidnapping and then a cancer storyline this year, which lets face it is more than most characters go through in a lifetime, there was zero need to throw cheating into the mix. Michelle had already left the show temporarily making this even more pointless when one half of the couple isn’t going to be around for the forseeable to deal with the fallout.

Could we really not have just 5 minutes of them being happy with Vanessa getting the all clear from her cancer? was that really too much to expect?

(Picture: ITV)
(Picture: ITV)

A mistake is putting on odd socks or forgetting a item while shopping and what Emmerdale wrote and aired wasn’t a character mistake it was much worse.

Emmerdale has for the last 3 years done a pretty decent job at building a fandom with these characters and have smashed it to bits in the space of a couple of episodes.

Charity has always been a popular charity to many, myself included, and was given a whole new lease of life being paired with Vanessa BUT no matter how much character growth you give a character when you shit all over it that is what people will remember and it stinks.

Another hurtful outcome from this is that fact that it showed a same sex couple actually going through the correct adoption process, something often skipped over in soaps, and then have proceeded to dump all over that by taking said kid (Johnny) and sending him back to Vanessa. Like someone explain wtf was the point in all of this?

Emmerdale was spot on when they wanted to get fans talking, unfortantly it was talking about how bad this all is.

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.


  1. Scrap all soaps as they are a constant barage of arguments all the time….nothin but arguments arguments


  2. Quite agree . The writers and producers destroy good couple relationships for the sake of a two minute wow factor! What a waste of time and does not reflect real life .unfortunately as soon as they let Ryan Hawley go the show deteriorated beyond repair. Such a shame !


  3. It was like Cain with Moira one scene the next in the boot of a car . Spoiling a good program . Just like the street


  4. What a great article. Not only did the author (I’m sorry, I could not find their name due to being directed here by Google News to which I am very grateful) say it as I saw it last night on TV but to actually word it exactly how I thought it was brilliant.
    I’m sorry I’m not really talking about Emmerdale here, more blowing smoke up the arse of the author. Keep up the great work.
    You have a new fan 😉


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