My introduction and welcome

G’Day everyone! My name is Denise. I’m an Australian Vanity fan who loves to write stories and chat with people online about all kinds of topics. Eastieoaks has given me the honor of joining his blog to write all things Vanity, both good and bad. I’ll keep it clean and try to be entertaining with my views and opinions. So here goes my first post.

I found Vanity by accident on Youtube three years ago, when they weren’t even a couple and just loved the snarky banter between them. Then the infamous cellar scene happened, I fell in love with them and prayed they would become a couple because their chemistry was fiery hot. Then they slept together and … well you know the rest of their story.

Vanity’s story has meant a lot to the LGBTQ community and myself because of the way their story was written. It wasn’t rushed, it was fun and they never really made a huge deal about their sexuality. They were just two beautiful single ladies in their 40’s, who had their own children and had suffered trauma and issues in their pasts. They have been there for one another during good and bad times. Been each other’s strength and what once started as just a fun time, turned into a great love.

They’ve created this stable loving family, Charity has just adopted Vanessa’s son and Vanessa was given the all clear from her bowel cancer. They were looking forward to their future together and so were we. We were promised a wedding and were looking forward to their Mrs. and Mrs. white wedding. But because Michelle Hardwick is on maternity leave, Emmerdale thought it was best to break them up with the old famous cheating troupe and destroy what was once a beautiful story. They’ve also torn a family apart and reverted Charity to pre-Vanessa Charity. The drunkin, destructive, desperate mess. It’s an insult to the community, the Vanity fandom and especially Michelle Hardwick and Emma Atkins who have been dedicated and worked tirelessly to represent a wlw loving couple.

We’ve been promised that Vanity aren’t over, that the writers and producers love them as much as we do and when Michelle/Vanessa returns they will get back together. Well I guess we’ll just to wait and see if that’s true and buckle up because I have a feeling we’re in for some heartache. But in the meantime, how much damage will they do to Charity’s character? Will Charity begin sleeping around with random men? And the big one; Will we really want them back together after this un-needed, ridiculous and so boring storyline?

I know I will. Because when our ladies are together, they’re perfect. They’re the love of each other’s lives and soulmates. But before they reunite, they need to fix their personal and relationship issues.

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