Emmerdale spoilers: Wednesday 4 November 2020

Jamie wallows in his brandy but he is soon confronted by Sam and Cain for a ‘chat’ all unaware that a hidden Mackenzie is watching.

Paddy fears things are not good when he discovers Chas is back in the village to support Charity but hadn’t told him.

Moira is making an apology ‘olive branch’ phone call.

Tracy’s disgusted to find Charity still drinking, She has no time for Charity’s self pity, and heads off, leaving Charity to break down into sobs.


  • Alexander Lincoln as Jamie Tate
  • Amy Walsh as Tracy Metcalfe
  • Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
  • Dominic Brunt as Paddy Kirk
  • Emma Atkins as Charity Dingle
  • James Hooton as Sam Dingle
  • Jeff Hordley as Cain Dingle
  • Joshua Richards as Bear Wolf
  • Jurell Carter as Nate Robinson
  • Lawrence Robb as Mackenzie Boyd
  • Lucy Pargeter as Chas Dingle
  • Mark Charnock as Marlon Dingle
  • Natalie J. Robb as Moira Dingle

Emmerdale airs at 7.00pm on ITV

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