Next week on Ros na Rún doubt is cast on Tadhg’s innocence and will the lure of shopping prove too much for Caitríona?

Caitríona’s money has come through from the sale of Loinnir. Vince, wanting to protect Caitríona from the lure of shopping, insists he lodge it into their joint account immediately. Caitríona wanting some control of her life, refuses, she will do it herself. But will she?

Caitríona isn’t impressed when Vince confiscates the money from Lonnir’s sale (Picture: TG4)

Malachaí, having succeeded in casting doubt on Tadhg’s innocence, is fuming when O’Shea also considers him to be a suspect. Malachaí, knowing full well Tadhg is to blame for this, accosts him. Will all end well between the two?

Tadhg and Malachaí are both convinced the other is guity (Picture: TG4)

Also next week:

Bobbi Lee is far from happy at having to deal with the school traffic. After lifting one cone too many she decides enough is enough. What does Bobbi Lee plan on doing?

Bobbi Lee the lollipop lady! (Picture: TG4)

Briain is upset and hurt when Berni admits she does not want to have a child with him. Berni knows she has hurt him, she loves him, but cannot give him what he wants. Will Briain walk away or accept that that he and Berni will be childless?

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