Ros na Rún spoilers: Berni wants Bobbi Lee and Niall out of her apartment

Berni, having had enough of Bobbi Lee, Niall and Liam Óg wants them out of her apt. Bobbi Lee aware of Berni’s intention manages to find alternative accommodation before Berni evicts them. Berni gets further good news when Evan calls her to tell her of his engagement. Berni’s joy however is short-lived, when Briain, desperate to have a baby with her, imagines a scenario where Berni and Evan are both expecting babies. Is this an image Berni finds appealing?

Berni is brought down to earth when Briain reminds her theyll soon have a full house again.(Picture: TG4)

Briain, wanting to have a baby with Berni, and knowing it’s the perfect time in her cycle, suggests they try today. Bobbi Lee seeing Berni’s reluctance, has a word in Briain’s ear. But has Bobbi Lee said too much?

Also next week:

  • Mack is delighted when Ferdia and Noreen show him the e-mail Dee sent.
  • Emma, angry at how taken Rory was with Michelle, is adamant they do not get back together.
  • Tadhg discovers that he and Áine were left everything in Frances will.

Ros na Rún airs Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 on TG4 and catchup on TG4 Player.

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