Coronation Street 60th Anniversary spoilers: Peter proposes to Carla just as Daniel discovers Adam’s betrayal, will he tell Peter?

In this special 60th Anniversary week three one hour episodes will bring stories to a gripping climax and launch new ones to take us into 2021 and beyond.

Adam and Carla battle to keep the shameful secret that will ruin their lives and those around them. Nothing stays quiet for long in soaps though and as the week progresses the truth about what they have done threatens to destroy them.

Monday December 7th

DANIEL DISCOVERS ADAM’S BETRAYAL Having been persuaded by Leanne that his relationship with Carla is worth saving Peter decides to show her how he really feels about her. Peter apologises to Carla for his paranoia and getting down on one knee, proposes to her, revealing that he’s booked a blessing in Kefalonia. Meanwhile Daniel stumbles across the truth about who Carla slept with and confronts Adam, how will Daniel react to the news that his brother has just proposed?

Wednesday December 9th

WILL PETER REALISES THE EXTENT OF CARLA’S BETRAYAL? Peter is excitedly forging ahead with plans for the wedding but is concerned when Jenny mentions seeing Carla calling at Daniel’s flat and his paranoia goes into overdrive as to what she was doing there. Has Peter got the wrong end of the stick? Spotting Carla and Daniel in hushed conversation later in the Rovers, Peter furiously accuses them of being lovers. What will Daniel and Carla say?

Friday December 11th

PETER PUTS HIS LIFE ON THE LINE Carla’s perturbed to realise that Peter’s gone out and a bottle of whisky is missing. She’s relieved when Peter returns, not having touched the whisky. But as she tries to talk to him, Peter refuses to listen, unscrews the bottle and defiantly takes a swig. Can she get through to him?

These scenes air from Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 7.30pm on ITV.

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