Doctors: S21E159 – Untying the Knot
Monday 30 November 2020
BBC One: 13:45

  • Produced by Dawn Coulson-Beckett
  • Written by Afsaneh Gray
  • Directed by Debbie Howard
  • Ruhma and Zara lock horns at work while Bear and Sid receive an unexpected indecent proposal.
  • Daniel is caught up in wedding day drama when an all-clear from cancer prompts Jen to question whether she even wants to get married.

When Doreen calls in sick, Bear asks Zara to sit in on Ruhma’s appointments so they don’t have to cancel all her appointments.

Zara continuously interrupts and criticises Ruhma.

Jennifer Taylor is a ball of nerves ahead of her appointment at the Mill – she’s due to find out whether or not her cancer has returned and then she’ll tie the knot with her fiancée, Lisa Smith.

Daniel makes Lisa realise that Jen’s been through a lot, and that maybe Lisa’s been taking on too much of a carer role towards her.

Sid walks in on Bear and Donna Summer, who turns out to be an ex of Sid’s.


  • Ashley Rice as Dr Sid Vere
  • Bharti Patel as Ruhma Carter
  • Dex Lee as Bear Sylvester
  • Dido Miles as Dr Emma Reid
  • Elizabeth Dermot Walsh as Dr Zara Charmichael
  • Jade Golding as Donna Sommer
  • Lotte Rice as Lisa Smith
  • Lucy Dixon as Jen Taylor
  • Matthew Chambers as Dr Daniel Granger
  • Michael Dixon as Theo Barnet
  • Raj Ghatak as Aashiq Sawney
  • Sunjay Midda as Shak Hanif