Thursday December 24, 2020 

07:10 Birds of a Feather – Porridge (S7E5/11) (SD) Sitcom about the two Chigwell sisters, Sharon and Tracey. Sharon is barred from her home, Tracey is thrilled and Dorien has blackmail in mind. 

07:40 Birds of a Feather – Rising Damp (S7E6/11) (SD) Sitcom about the Essex sisters Sharon and Tracey. With Darryl back in prison, Tracey decides to kick over the traces. Sharon launches a campaign to free Chris. 

08:20 The Bill – Lies That Kill (S23E35/422) (SD) More gripping drama with Sun Hill police. Sergeant Wright and PC Fletcher attend the scene when a woman falls to her death from a tower block. 

09:20 Classic Holby City – Reformation (S11E45/52) (SD) New. Ric’s decision to operate on Donna’s father is leaked to the media, Joseph questions Faye’s fidelity, and Daisha reminds Penny of her obligation to care for her patients. (Widescreen) 

10:40 Classic Casualty – The Ties That Bind Us – Part Two (S19E2/48) (SD) Harry breaks the shocking news that Nina’s daring rescue may have devastating consequences. Abs notices that two patients have suffered similar injuries. (Widescreen) 

12:00 The Bill – Inner Demons (S23E36/422) (SD) Homegrown cop drama. Wright and Hardy attend to a suicidal Josh Carey. Hollis and Hunter investigate the disappearance of a necklace from a dead body. 

13:00 Classic EastEnders – Ep 127: B0282 (S12E127/157) (SD) New. Frank continues to make people uncomfortable, particularly Phil and David. Meanwhile, Peggy sacks Steve, bans Frank from the pub and goes on holiday. 

13:40 Classic EastEnders – Ep 128, B0283 (S12E128/157) (SD) New. Frank makes his presence known in the Queen Vic, while Pat’s troubles have moved closer to home. Robbie has a money-making idea and Kathy has a confession to make to Phil. 

14:15 Birds of a Feather – Christmas in Dreamland (S1E1/1) (SD) It is Christmas Eve in Chigwell, and Sharon is already full of the Christmas spirit. So full of it that she starts to dream of an alternative world! 

15:20 Call the Midwife – Ep 05 (S6E5/8) (SD) A distant cousin of Fred’s who has Down’s syndrome is taken in by the Buckles following the death of his mother. New recruit Valerie prepares for her first day at Nonnatus House. (Widescreen) 

16:40 Call the Midwife – Ep 06 (S6E6/8) (SD) Valerie treats a pregnant Somali woman who has undergone female genital circumcision, but who goes into hiding when the Nonnatus Team arrange for her to go into hospital. (Widescreen) 

18:00 Call the Midwife – Ep 07 (S6E7/8) (SD) Dr Turner helps a couple whose daughter was born without limbs to have her fitted for prosthetics – but the experience provokes different reactions from her mother and father. (Widescreen) 

19:20 Last of the Summer Wine – The Second Stag Night of Doggy Wilkinson (S29E1/10) (SD) The world’s longest-running sitcom! Absent-minded Doggy is disappointed that his stag night isn’t as exciting as his first. (Widescreen) 

20:00 Father Brown – The Chedworth Cyclone (S5E4/16) (SD) After suspicious circumstances surround the death of a local fighter, Father Brown is drawn into the shady world of boxing to try and uncover the truth. (Widescreen) 

21:00 Death in Paradise – Stumped in Murder (S6E4/8) (SD) The president of the Saint Marie cricket club is found shot dead in the middle of the team’s ground. As the sun rises over the island, suspicion falls on his teammates. (Widescreen) 

22:20 New Tricks – Casualty (S4E1/8) (SD) An involving mystery for the veteran detectives including James Bolam and Dennis Waterman. Jack decides to take revenge against his wife’s killer by running him down. (Widescreen) 

23:25 Spooks – Ep 07 (S9E7/8) (SD) New. Ruth is drawn into a dangerous situation involving the death of a Mafia leader, and Lucas has a confrontation with Harry destined to change Section D for ever. (Widescreen) 

00:45 Catherine Cookson: Tilly Trotter (S1E2/2) (SD) Following the destruction of their home by the McGraths, Tilly and her grandmother are forced to live a life of solitude. Period drama, starring Carli Norris. (Widescreen) 

02:40 A Place to Call Home – Unforgettable (S2E10/10) (SD) Series finale of the Aussie period drama. Rene suspects he is standing in the way of Sarah’s happiness. Anna and Gino’s honeymoon bliss is tainted by Andrew. (Widescreen) 

Friday December 25, 2020 

07:20 Birds of a Feather – Three Up, Two Down (S7E7/11) (SD) The Essex sibling sitcom with Chigwell’s Sharon and Tracey. With their business in ruins, Sharon and Tracey take drastic measures to sort out their future. 

07:50 Birds of a Feather – Are You Being Served? (S7E8/11) (SD) Sitcom with the Chigwell sisters. Sharon decides that a baby will make her life complete, but Tracey thinks it is a stupid idea and the pair fall out. 

08:30 The Bill – Inner Demons (S23E36/422) (SD) Homegrown cop drama. Wright and Hardy attend to a suicidal Josh Carey. Hollis and Hunter investigate the disappearance of a necklace from a dead body. 

09:30 Classic Holby City – Faithful (S11E46/52) (SD) New. The decision over who gets the Director of Surgery job falls to Jayne. Maria is disappointed to learn that Sam is not going to visit, and Joseph’s suspicions of Faye mount. (Widescreen) 

10:55 Classic Casualty – Out with a Bang (S19E3/48) (SD) As the Holby staff bid farewell to Roxy, Fin puts his life in danger to save his daughter from a fire, and Nina appears to be falling for Abs. (Widescreen) 

12:00 The Bill – Getting Away with Murder (S23E37/422) (SD) Iconic police drama. Hunter and Kapoor witness a mugging and uncover a case of blackmail. Keane and Hollis attend the scene of a traffic accident. 

13:00 Classic EastEnders – Ep 129, B0284 (S12E129/157) (SD) New. Ricky is upset when he receives divorce papers. Robbie starts washing windscreens to help Carol pay for her TV licence. Pat and Roy go to the Vic for a drink but Frank appears. 

13:40 Classic EastEnders – Ep 130, B0285 (S12E130/157) (SD) New. Pauline takes on the council, as Roy takes up a fight of his own. Robbie and Tony get inspiration, Sam gives Ricky an ultimatum and Phil attends an antenatal class. 

14:15 Birds of a Feather – Holy Ground (S1E1/1) (SD) The Essex girls in a seasonal special from 1998. Sharon and Tracey pay a visit to Ireland to attend the reading of a will. Unsurprisingly Dorien tags along! 

15:10 Call the Midwife – Ep 08 (S6E8/8) (SD) Sister Julienne oversees the opening of a family planning clinic at the local community centre, leading a mother of three to start taking the contraceptive pill behind her husband’s back. (Widescreen) 

16:10 Call the Midwife: Christmas Special 2017 (S1E1/1) (SD) Boxing Day sees heavy snowfall cover the country and the adverse weather causes major disruption across Poplar as roads become blocked. (Widescreen) 

18:00 Call the Midwife – Ep 01 (S7E1/8) (SD) A new midwife joins the team as the area is rocked by power cuts and blizzards, but she falls ill as soon as she arrives and soon has to assist with a difficult birth. (Widescreen) 

19:20 Last of the Summer Wine – What Happened to the Horse? (S29E2/10) (SD) Popular sitcom. A innocent woodland becomes a legendary site of ghostly activity thanks to an inventive rumour spread by Alvin, Truly and Clegg. (Widescreen) 

20:00 Father Brown – The Hand Of Lucia (S5E5/16) (SD) Series with GK Chesterton’s spiritual sleuth. When a local writer is murdered, Father Brown must delve into her infamous novel Lulu and Lucia for inspiration. (Widescreen) 

21:00 Death in Paradise – Man Overboard – Part One (S6E5/8) (SD) The first episode of a two-part special sees an investigation into the death of a boat captain propel the team to London in pursuit of the suspects. (Widescreen) 

22:20 Frankie Drake Mysteries – A Sunshine State of Mind (S3E10/10) (SD) Frankie and the team set out to outcon a conman dealing in mythical prime real estate, who has already duped Nora and Mildred. (Widescreen) 

23:20 New Tricks – God’s Waiting Room (S4E2/8) (SD) Amanda Redman stars in the light-hearted crime drama about the charismatic ageing coppers. The team look into a suspicious death in an old people’s home. 

00:20 Spooks – Ep 08 (S9E8/8) (SD) New. Harry instructs the team to find Lucas, who is desperately trying to flee the country, and the hunt culminates in a showdown between the pair. (Widescreen) 

01:40 The Inspector Lynley Mysteries – If Wishes Were Horses (S3E4/4) (SD) Another absorbing case for the sleuths from two ends of the social spectrum. As Lynley looks forward to fatherhood, his wife Helen helps him with a case. 

Saturday December 26, 2020 

07:10 Cadfael – The Holy Thief (S4E1/3) (SD) Derek Jacobi’s medieval sleuthing monk is confronted by a double abduction when both a slave girl and the bones of the abbey’s Saint Winifred go missing. 

08:35 Cadfael – The Potter’s Field (S4E2/3) (SD) Derek Jacobi stars as the crime-solving cenobite. Cadfael tries to clear the name of a fellow brother when a burial pot containing a woman’s remains is found. 

10:05 Sharpe – Sharpe’s Mission (S4E3/3) (SD) Swashbuckling drama with Sean Bean as the brave British officer. Sharpe joins a dashing colonel on a mission to destroy a gunpowder store behind French lines. 

12:05 Ashes to Ashes – Ashes to Ashes (3), 5 (S3E5/8) (SD) Gene distrusts two former colleagues claiming to have travelled from Manchester on the hunt for an aged stand-up comedian who has allegedly stolen cash from the Police Widows’ Fund. (Widescreen) 

13:20 Ashes to Ashes – Ashes to Ashes (3), 6 (S3E6/8) (SD) Viv is captured during a prison riot and taken hostage by the violent criminal leading the revolt, but when Ray and Chris go undercover to free him, all three officers face danger. (Widescreen) 

14:40 Call the Midwife – Ep 02 (S7E2/8) (SD) Lucille is on duty when a friend of Valerie’s goes into labour – but when the patient’s health deteriorates, the new recruit is accused of incompetence by her racist mother. (Widescreen) 

16:00 Call the Midwife – Ep 03 (S7E3/8) (SD) Nurse Crane and Trixie investigate when a mother abandons her children at the clinic. When the woman is sent to a neurologist, the results are devastating for the whole family. (Widescreen) 

17:20 Call the Midwife – Ep 04 (S7E4/8) (SD) Sister Julienne helps a woman from Pakistan who is unable to have children, but who has found to her shock that her husband is bringing a pregnant second wife into their home. (Widescreen) 

18:40 Call the Midwife – Ep 05 (S7E5/8) (SD) Rumours spread around Poplar that a sailor with smallpox is hiding somewhere in town. Nurse Crane and Dr Turner try to track him down before he causes an outbreak. (Widescreen) 

20:00 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Murder and Mozzarella (S3E3/8) (SD) Essie Davis is the flapper detective in 1920s Melbourne. Phryne investigates when war breaks out between the owners of rival Italian restaurants. (Widescreen) 

21:00 Murdoch Mysteries – Anything You Can Do (S2E13/13) (SD) Yannick Bisson stars as the detective in 19th century Toronto. While probing a murder, Murdoch is teamed up with a North West Mounted Policeman. (Widescreen) 

22:00 Taggart – Double Jeopardy (S4E3/3) (SD) The Maryhill CID investigates gruesome murders against the bleak backdrop of the city of Glasgow. 

23:50 Gregory’s Girl (S1E1/1) (SD) Classic Bill Forsyth film about a Scottish school lad who falls for an older girl who wants to play in the school’s football team. John Gordon Sinclair stars. (Widescreen) 

01:45 Judge John Deed – Exacting Justice (S1E1/5) (SD) Martin Shaw dons a judge’s wig in this feature-length first episode of the powerful courtroom drama. Our hero strives to juggle moral dilemmas and a busy love life. 

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