Monday December 21st

NATASHA DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON NICK Leannne starts packing away Oliver’s toys, but she’s overcome with grief. A stressed Natasha tracks Nick down to the bistro and reveals that Sam’s gone missing as she told him that she has a new job and they are moving to London. SHONA TRIES TO PROVE HERSELF TO DAVID Nursing a hangover, Shona apologises to David for messing things up yet again. David assures her it’s okay, but it’s clear her behaviour is weighing him down and the situation is not helped when, having watched the CCTV, Ray orders David to drop his campaign against the planning application or he’ll report Shona to the police for breaking into the Bistro and stealing cocktails..

PAUL LEAVES BILLY ON HIS TODD Billy senses Paul’s anxiety and wonders if it’s to do with the helpline. Paul insists he’s fine. Manipulative Todd suggests to Paul that he should spoil Billy with a takeaway and a quiet night in. Will calls Paul and makes out he’s having a crisis and Paul agrees to meet up with him. Paul is grateful when Todd offers to smooth things over with Billy and lie on his behalf. 

ELSEWHERE A police officer approaches Sarah and questions her about Rick’s watch. Sarah does her best to cover her tracks. When Maria finds out from Bernie that she found a watch in the woods and Gary was desperate to get his hands on it, her mind races. Worried about how they’re going to fund Christmas, Chesney urges Gemma to get down to the fitness centre and flog some of her new makeup range. 

Monday December 21st

NICK HAS TO TELL SAM THERE’S NO ROOM AT THE INN Adamant that he doesn’t want to move to London, Sam begs Nick to let him move in with him and Leanne.  Having taken a call from a tearful Sam, Leanne asks Nick why he failed to mention Natasha’s move to London and urges him to be firm with Sam and explain that he has to remain with his Mum. Nick calls Sam, and battling his emotions, explains that it’s not possible for him to move in with him and Leanne as the timing is all wrong.

PAUL GETS CAUGHT UP IN TODD’S GAME Will tells Paul his violent stepdad walloped his mum and he was scared for his life. Paul insists they must report the incident to the police. Todd finds Billy drinking alone in the Rovers. When Billy explains how Paul had to go to a friend’s rescue, Todd keeps his counsel. 

DAVID AND SHONA QUESTION THEIR FUTURE David and Shona have a heart to heart but she becomes confused and gives him the impression that she doesn’t want to be with him.  David’s deeply saddened. Fighting back tears, David tells Shona that it’s time to accept their marriage isn’t working. Shona’s left feeling confused and isolated.

ELSEWHERE Michael apologises to Gemma for nicking her customers and offers to buy her stock at cost. Gemma’s tempted but assures him there’s no need. When Chesney offers to have a word with Big Garth and set her up with a stall at the Christmas market, Gemma’s thrilled. Chesney’s pleased to see her so positive. Maria confronts Gary over Rick’s watch and demands to know if Rick’s dead. Gary makes out he’s no idea and if that’s the case, it’s nothing to do with him. Maria’s not convinced.

Wednesday December 23rd

GARY TRIES TO KEEP HIS SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET The police call at the salon flat and haul Gary in for questioning regarding the disappearance of Rick Neelan. Maria’s horrified. The police interview Gary and reveal that they’ve found evidence that a body was buried in the woods and that it might have been that of Rick Neelan. Gary denies any wrongdoing and assures the officer that he knows nothing about Rick’s disappearance. Sarah confides in Daniel that rumour has it that Gary murdered Rick.  

LEANNE TRIES TO PLAY HAPPY FAMILIES As an excited Nick heads out to pick up Sam for a visit, Leanne does her best to remain upbeat. Nick and Sam return to the flat to find that Leanne has cooked them Christmas dinner, decorated a tree and wrapped Sam’s presents.  Nick’s touched by her kindness. Over their Christmas dinner, Nick assures Sam that he’ll visit him in London as often as he can and they’ll do the museums together.  Leanne returns home but when she spots Sam playing with Oliver’s musical box, she freaks out causing Sam to feel guilty. 

DAVID AND SHONA PREPARE FOR LIFE APART When Nina reveals the family portrait she’s drawn of David, Shona and the kids, Shona tearfully explains that they’ve broken up.  Nina feels terrible. In the Rovers, David confides in Daisy that he and Shona are breaking up.  Daisy is secretly pleased.  Gemma calls in the pub and introduces herself to Daisy, claiming that they’re practically sisters through their relationship with Jenny.  Daisy’s decidedly unimpressed.

CHESNEY AND KIRK LOSE THE CHRISTMAS MONEY Chesney, Gemma and Kirk set up their stall at the Christmas market but it’s soon clear Gemma’s sales skills are sadly lacking and Chesney orders her to take a break. Chesney and Kirk celebrate a successful afternoon on the stall, but their elation is short lived when they discover their stock has been stolen and with it, the cash tin.

ELSEWHERE Paul confides in Todd that he can’t go on lying to Billy and intends to tell him all about Will. Todd makes Paul promise to leave his name out of it. 

Wednesday December 23rd

GARY STARTS TO LOSE HIS GRIP When Craig reveals that they had to let Gary go as there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest him, Sarah’s furious. Sarah calls at the salon flat and rails at Gary, accusing him of moving Rick’s body to save his own skin. When Gary suggests she’s just trying to cover her own tracks, Sarah’s incandescent. Neither of them notices Maria enter as Sarah asserts that he’s the one that killed Rick. Maria confronts Gary demanding to know why Sarah would think he’d murdered Rick. When Gary fails to come up with a plausible explanation, Maria threatens to call the police and throws him out.

NICK GETS HIS SON FOR CHRISTMAS Leanne promises Nick that it isn’t an end to their relationship but it would be better if he rented a flat, moved Sam in and got to know his son properly without having to worry about her. Natasha reluctantly agrees to leave Sam with Nick for the three months she’ll be in London and lets him move into her flat. Is this really what Leanne wants?

SHONA CAN’T FIND THE WORDS Roy and Nina urge Shona to talk to David and explain how she really feels about him. Will she succeed? 

CHESNEY AND KIRK PLAY SANTA When Chesney and Kirk return home laden down with Christmas presents, Gemma’s thrilled and assumes they managed to flog all the makeup.  Chesney and Kirk agree to keep schtum about where the money really came from.

ELSEWHERE Having listened to Paul’s confession about Will, Billy’s annoyed that he felt the need to lie about it and further angered to realise Todd was in the loop. Billy warns Paul that he knows Todd better than anyone and suspects he’s playing him. 

Thursday December 24th

EVERYONE IS GETTING SUSPICIOUS FOR CHRISTMAS Having spent the night in the furniture shop, a forlorn Gary leaves a message for Maria. Kelly calls at the flat and tearfully explains to Maria that she needs to see Gary as he’s the only person in contact with her Dad. Having been summoned to the flat by Maria, Gary’s taken aback to find Kelly there. She explains that she received a Christmas card from her Dad and is desperate to talk to him. Gary asserts that he hasn’t had any contact with Rick for ages and can’t help. 

LEANNE PREPARES TO BE LONELY THIS CHRISTMAS When Toyah and Imran get a call from social services asking them if they can foster a baby for today, they’re thrown into excitement and panic in equal measure. As Toyah excitedly babbles on about the baby, Nick rounds the corner with Sam. Making excuses, Leanne scuttles away hiding her upset.

ELSEWHERE As David and Shona wrap the kids’ Christmas presents, David assures her that he’ll do his best to carry on supporting her when she moves out. Clearly not listening, Shona suddenly downs tools and heads out leaving David frustrated. David breaks the news to Nick and Sarah that he and Shona are splitting up.

Friday December 25th

ALL DAVID WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS, IS SHONA As Max and Lily excitedly rip open their Christmas presents, Shona gives David a six foot cuddly rabbit to replace Barney, his childhood pet. David loves it. When Lily gets a jewellery bead stuck up her nose, David and Shona reluctantly set off for A&E. Whilst the nurse sees to Lily, Shona calms her down and makes her giggle as David watches with a heavy heart realising how much the kids will miss her. Having returned to the street, David and Shona approach Jenny’s drinks stall. But Shona loses it and storms off  when she spots Daisy being flirtatious with David and storms off.  David finds Shona in Victoria Garden and they finally clear the air. After admitting that they still love each other and want to make a go of it, David forms a plan. At No.8, David and Shona, with the help of Max and Lily, re-enact their wedding day. As the Platts tumble out of No.8, the snow begins to fall and Shona stares up in wonderment. David gazes at his wife, his love for her renewed.

IT’S A FAMILY CHRISTMAS FOR TOYAH AND IMRAN After a sleepless night with baby Mason, Toyah and Imran share a smile, happy but slightly out of their depth. Gemma calls at the builder’s yard flat and gives Toyah and Imran some parenting tips. Toyah realises they’ve a lot to learn. Ignoring Toyah’s messages, Leanne hides away in her flat, consumed with grief.

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