Coronation Street spoilers: Monday December 28th 2020 – Friday 1st January 2021

Monday December 28th

DANIEL MAKES A HORRIFYING DISCOVERY ABOUT PETER A shocked Daniel finds Peter in Victoria gardens leaning against a wall clutching his stomach and vomiting, Daniel’s horrified to see that his clothes are covered in blood. As Peter slumps to the ground, a panicky Daniel calls for an ambulance. In the hospital, the doctor assures Peter they will do their best to stop the bleeding but there’s a possibility he is suffering from liver failure. Daniel’s shocked. Peter makes Daniel promise not to tell anyone what’s going on as he couldn’t bear for Ken or Simon to see him in such a state. 

TOYAH EMBRACES LIFE AS A FOSTER MUM On the street, Toyah and Imran fuss over Mason.  As Toyah bends over the pram to give him a kiss, neither of them notices a grief stricken Leanne watching from the window of her flat. But how will Toyah react when Imran gets a call from social services informing him that they’ll be collecting Mason later today. 

SARAH WRESTLES WITH THE TRUTH Adam calls at No.8 and reveals to a shocked Sarah that he knows she tipped the police off about the body in the woods. Sarah explains, she came to her senses and realised it was time Gary got his just desserts. As Adam heads out, an anxious Sarah wonders what he’ll tell the police.

CAN TODD MAKE BILLY JEALOUS? Billy and Paul arrive in Speed Daal to find Todd at a table with Ajay. Todd introduces Ajay, explaining that he’s the manager at the helpline. Billy reckons Todd only volunteered because he fancied the manager. Todd’s quietly pleased with himself. Egged on by Todd, Ajay talks about his job at the helpline and how it’s imperative not to get too involved. Billy and Paul share an awkward glance.

ELSEWHERE Shona tells David that she reckons it’s time she returned to work and plans to have a word with Roy. Roy agrees that Shona can start back at the cafe with light duties to begin with. 

Wednesday December 30th

PAUL FALLS INTO TODD’S TRAP Todd calls for Paul on his way to work. Billy tells Todd how grateful he is that Paul has got both him and Ajay to look after him at work as he’s inclined to follow his heart which can get him into trouble. When Paul takes a call from a distressed Will Todd urges Paul to go round to his house to help him. When Paul ends up arrested for assaulting a man he believed to be Will’s stepdad, Todd is the first to show support for Billy and Summer whilst cleverly putting the boot in to Paul with the police. Billy thanks Todd for his kindness towards Summer and all the support he’s given Paul.  Todd smiles to himself. A dejected Paul lies alone in his police cell wondering how he got himself into this mess.

TIM TRIES TO MOVE ON Tim surveys the array of toys Elaine gave him and confides in Sally that he doesn’t really want to be reminded of a childhood that never really existed. When Tim reveals that he’s thinking of stashing the toys in the attic, Elaine covers her disappointment and assures him it’s up to him what he chooses to do with them. Evelyn offers to sell them at a jumble sale but when Dev discovers that one car alone is worth £2000 the race is on to find out who has bought it.

ADAM TRIES TO DO RIGHT BY HIS FAMILY Adam confronts Gary in the furniture shop and suggests Gary dug up Rick’s body. Faye wonders what’s going on but Gary’s quick to close the conversation down.

KEN URGES PETER TO FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE Ignoring Daniel’s advice, Adam breaks the news to Ken about Peter’s state of health. Ken visits Peter in hospital and is shocked to realise the gravity of his condition. Exhausted and clearly depressed, Peter tells Ken that after years of self abuse, it’s time to accept that he’s dying. Ken’s devastated. 

IMRAN BURSTS TOYAH’S BUBBLE When Imran reveals that he turned down another foster baby, worried it might be too soon, Toyah’s gutted. Imran promises to phone social services and rectify the situation. Having called social services, Imran breaks the news to Toyah that he was too late and they placed the child with someone else. Toyah’s gutted and Imran knows he’s messed up.

ELSEWHERE Arthur calls at the cafe with a belated Christmas present for Evelyn. Evelyn gives him short shrift and Arthur heads out deflated, leaving the present on the table. Asserting that she wants nothing more to do with Arthur, Evelyn picks up the Christmas present and heads out.

Thursday December 31st 

ADAM AND SARAH TOAST A NEW YEAR TOGETHER Sarah returns to the corner shop flat, dressed to the nines and carrying a bottle of wine. She suggests to Adam they see in the New Year together and Adam’s touched. As Sarah opens the wine, Adam watches her lovingly and suggests that they should start again with a clean slate. Sarah smiles seductively. Meanwhile a clearly upset Kelly confronts Gary and demands that he tell her what he’s done to her Dad. 

UNDERWORLD TURNS DOWN RAY IN THE NICK OF TIME Debbie quizzes Ray, wondering why Gary changed his mind about selling the factory. Ray’s evasive. Ray and Debbie offer Nick alternative premises for Underworld on half the rent. Nick’s torn what will he do? Sam calls at No8 with a birthday present for Nick. 

TIM FEELS BAD FOR TOYING WITH HIS PAST Having discovered that Bernie bought the toys, Tim buys the whole lot back for £30. Elaine’s pleased to see that Tim has managed to get his toys back and suggests he sells the vintage car and donates the proceeds to Oliver’s charity.  

PAUL RETURNS HOME Paul confirms that he’s been charged with criminal damage and assault. Billy’s deeply concerned whilst Todd relishes the news. When Billy and Paul announce that they’ve cleared the air and realise they need to spend more time together, Summer’s heart melts whilst Todd quietly seethes. 

ELSEWHERE Daniel is taken aback to discover Peter has discharged himself from hospital.

Friday January 1st 2021

GARY’S UP TO HIS EYES IN IT Is Gary about to get caught in his own web of lies?

DEV GETS MORE THAN HE PLANNED FOR As Ray wines and dines Dev in the bistro, introducing him to the Planning Officer, the residents are furious to discover he’s gone behind their backs in support of Ray. As Abi, Tyrone and Asha lead a boycott outside his shop, Roy breaks the news that the planning officer has ruled against the development. The residents celebrate while an angry Ray tells Debbie that the fight isn’t over yet.

STEVE HAS A ROAR-SOME IDEA Steve plans a fundraising run for Oliver’s charity and ropes Tim in too. Revealing he’s bought costumes for the run, Steve and Tim get changed and head out for a jog.

ELSEWHERE Carla tears a strip off Peter for doing a disappearing act, but she’s brought up short when he reveals that he’s been in hospital with liver failure. Telling Peter how much she loves him, she’s desperate to look after him but Peter’s adamant it’s too late. 

  • 7:30pm – Coronation Street – 60 minutes – 28th December 2020
  • 7:30pm – Coronation Street – 60 minutes – 30th December 2020
  • 8:30pm – Coronation Street – 30 minutes – 31st December 2020
  • TBC – Coronation Street – 60 minutes – 1st January 2021

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  1. The Oliver story very sad. Last year my son who was mentally handicapped, epileptic died from cancer. I stayed with him during his ten weeks in hospital. Helping to care for him when I was able. All interventionswere stopped for some days prior to his death. He had 2 pumps, medicine. pain relief. He died peacefully with me and three nurses with him. He was almost 59.


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