The Dale Fail: Charity sleeps with Mackenzie and fans are not happy

The damage was done when Vanessa thought that Charity and Mackenzie were having an affair so these last couple of months have been completely pointless for the sake of the couple staying apart while Michelle is on maternity leave. Recently and most importantly tonight it seems they just wanted to smash the hope of a reunion to bits by having Mackenzie share near enough every scene with Charity and finally tonight sleep with her.

Anyone could have been a contender for Mack’s affections – stick him with Aaron it wouldn’t be the worse thing ever.

I don’t blame them and Emmerdale know full well how fans are feeling as social media has had a lot of comments from viewers about the state the show is in.

It just really doesn’t seem like anyone cares at this point. Thank goodness for social distancing eliminating any actual on-screen kiss.

Emmerdale did a really good job in character growth for Charity in the last 3 years but in the space of 2 months have picked it apart making the character a pathetic drunken mess.

For those that care Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV or you could watch paint dry which you would probably get more excitement from.

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  1. You are so spot on with this. For some bewildering reason, EMMERDALE are intent on continually thrusting this awful character ( and actor) down our throats, so much so that his presence in nearly every scene for the last two months has become nauseating, pardon the pun. The forced, or rather non-existing chemistry between him and Emma/ Mac and Charity has become excruciating. Emma/Charity deserves better- her character assassination has been so cheap and unnecessary, and very disappointing – all in the name of entertainment (not)!.


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