Monday 25th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Sarah Mayberry
  • Director – Chris Langman

Kirsha arrives for Christmas, determined to bring her parents back together, but Dipi is not the only one warming up to Shane. Chloe reveals the truth despite Amys objections. Hendrix feels tension rising when Kane sends a threatening message to demand his money back.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Tuesday 26th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Elizabeth Packett
  • Director – Chris Langman

Shane accidentally makes Dipi think he wants another shot at their marriage. Will this year’s Christmas bring a romantic miracle, or is Dipi simply too late? Hendrix, desperate for his own life, considers a morally questionable plan to pay off his debt.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Wednesday 27th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Stephen Vagg
  • Director – Chris Langman

When Shane tells Dipi about his kiss with Amy, her hopes are crushed and she struggles to appear unfazed by it. Meanwhile, Jane and Clive clash with a furious Sheila, which does not sit right with David. Sheila makes a suspicious phone call.

Thursday 28th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Daniel Papas
  • Director – Jonathon Dutton

Dipi’s inability to admit her feelings causes Shane to think she approves of him and Amy. Sheila asks Des to break up Clive and Jane, but her plan is about to backfire horribly. Elsewhere, an embarrassed Levi struggles with assembling Beas billy cart.

(Picture: Channel 5)

Friday 29th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Jo Kasch
  • Director – Jonathon Dutton

From the hospital bed, Sheila asks Des for one last, huge favour. Upset by all the hurt they have caused, Clive wonders whether he and Jane are moving too fast. Paul returns from America, and has invited Aaron, David and Nicolette to lunch. Is he being genuine?

(Picture: Channel 5)


  • April Rose Pengilly as Chloe Brennan
  • Ben Hall as Ned Willis
  • Benny Turland as Hendrix Greyson
  • Dhruv Malge as Jay Rebecchi
  • Georgie Stone as Mackenzie Hargreaves
  • Jacinta Stapleton as Amy Greenwood
  • Jemma Donovan as Harlow Robinson
  • Nicholas Coghlan as Shane Rebecchi
  • Olivia Junkeer as Yashvi Rebecchi
  • Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis
  • Sharon Johal as Dipi Rebecchi
  • Vani Dhir as Kirsha Rebecchi
  • Barry Conrad as Kane Jones
  • Annie Jones as Jane Harris
  • Geoff Paine as Clive Gibbons
  • Colette Mann as Sheila Canning
  • Richie Morris as Levi Canning
  • Bonnie Anderson as Bea Nilsson
  • Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning
  • Zima Anderson as Roxy Willis
  • Takaya Honda as David Tanaka
  • Ryan Moloney as Toadfish Rebecchi
  • Paul Keane as Des Clarke
  • Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan
  • Charlotte Chimes as Nicolette Stone
  • Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson