Rownd a Rownd spoilers: Tuesday 26 January 2021

Tuesday 26 January 2021, S4C, 8:25pm – 8:55pm

It’s the day of Wyn’s funeral and everyone is thinking of Dani. Despite Wyn’s wishes for a private funeral, people are given an unexpected opportunity to pay their respects. The occasion also pushes Rhys to question Barry, who for once opens up to him. It’s a big day for Robbie as he has an opportunity to fulfil a lifetime ambition, but it’s memorable for the wrong reasons. While Iris still misses Tom a lot, she receives a gift from Llew and then makes a decision that pleases Arthur and Dylan.

Diwrnod cynhebrwng Wyn, ac mae pawb yn teimlo dros Dani. Er gwaethaf dymuniad Wyn i gael gwasanaeth di-nod caiff pawb gyfle annisgwyl i dalu teyrnged iddo. Mae’r achlysur hefyd yn ysgogiad i Rhys holi Barry, sydd yna’n agor ei galon. Mae’n ddiwrnod mawr i Robbie wrth iddo gael cyfle i gyflawni ei uchelgais. Yn anffodus mae’r profiad yn un i’w gofio am y rhesymau anghywir. Er bod Iris yn dal i hiraethu am Tom caiff anrheg gan Llew sy’n peri iddi wneud penderfyniad sydd wrth fodd Arthur a Dylan.

(Picture: S4C)

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