Neighbours spoilers: Friday 29 January 2021

Friday 29th January 2021 – Channel 5 – 1:45pm to 2:20pm

  • Writer – Jo Kasch
  • Director – Jonathon Dutton

From the hospital bed, Sheila asks Des for one last, huge favour. Upset by all the hurt they have caused, Clive wonders whether he and Jane are moving too fast. Paul returns from America, and has invited Aaron, David and Nicolette to lunch. Is he being genuine?

(Picture: Channel 5)


  • Annie Jones as Jane Harris
  • Charlotte Chimes as Nicolette Stone
  • Chris Milligan as Kyle Canning
  • Colette Mann as Sheila Canning
  • Geoff Paine as Clive Gibbons
  • Matt Wilson as Aaron Brennan
  • Paul Keane as Des Clarke
  • Rebekah Elmaloglou as Terese Willis
  • Richie Morris as Levi Canning
  • Stefan Dennis as Paul Robinson
  • Takaya Honda as David Tanaka
  • Zima Anderson as Roxy Willis

1 comment

  1. Could the intro singer be replaced. Her awful screeching really grates as she ties to reach the top notes.


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