Philippe discovers that he is not alive in the time period Matthew and Diana have travelled from when he realises that Diana is wearing Ysabeau’s ring. In the present, Ysabeau, Em and Sarah start to look for a message from Philippe in the bookshelves of Sept-Tours, convinced that Matthew and Diana’s journey will prompt one last missive from him across time.

Confronted with his mortality, Philippe provokes Matthew into a sword fight and then pushes him to reveal his blood rage to Diana. Philippe argues that Diana needs to see every facet of Matthew in order to understand him; that their bond will be tested. He tells Diana about the prophecy which predicted her arrival, and a raw Matthew tells Diana how Philippe died, and his own role in it, revealing the depth of the guilt that has haunted him for decades.

Philippe decrees that Diana and Matthew will be married, and on the wedding night they finally consummate their relationship, and are finally mated. As they prepare to leave for Bohemia, Philippe offers Matthew his forgiveness for whatever will happen to him in the future. In the present day, Ysabeau finds a letter from Philippe, telling her of the wedding and giving Diana his blessing.


  • Writer – Pete McTighe
  • Director – Jonathan Teplitzky
  • Producer – Edoardo Ferretti


  • Alex Kingston as Sarah Bishop
  • Endy Mckay as Female Servant
  • James Purefoy as Philippe De Clermont
  • Lindsay Duncan as Ysabeau Du Clermont
  • Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont
  • Paul Brennen as Champier
  • Sorcha Cusack as Marthe
  • Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop
  • Valarie Pettiford as Emily Mather

A Discovery of Witches: Episode 6 airs on Friday 12 February 9pm on Sky One and NOW TV

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