Matthew and Diana arrive in France on their journey to face Philippe; Matthew is nervous about seeing his dead father again, and warns Diana of his mercurial nature. It is for the best that Ysabeau won’t be there. Matthew’s sister Louisa arrives in London and meets Kit who reveals his feelings for Matthew. Louisa suggests they cause some chaos to take Kit’s mind off things, and they cut a swathe through the city. Seeking comfort on the hard journey, Diana looks to Matthew, but he refuses to have sex with her.

The next day, they finally face Philippe, and Diana tells him that she is a weaver and a timewalker. Philippe has a revelation of his own for Diana – she and Matthew are not mated as she believed. Matthew has held off making that full commitment to her.

Diana feels hurt and betrayed, and she and Matthew have a terrible argument. As an agitated Matthew hunts, Diana gets to know Philippe better, and she proves herself to him as a worthy partner to Matthew. A witch seer arrives at Sept-Tours to examine Diana and test her powers, but when he tries to take her memories against her will, she kills him in self-defence.


  • Writer – Lisa Holdsworth
  • Director – Philippa Langdale
  • Producer – Edoardo Ferretti


  • Elaine Cassidy as Louisa De Clermont
  • Endy Mckay as Female servant
  • James Purefoy as Philippe De Clermont
  • Laurence Spellman as Tavern Landlord
  • Matthew Goode as Matthew Clairmont
  • Milo Twomey as Pierre
  • Paul Brennen as Champier
  • Shaun Mason as Parish Warden
  • Steven Cree as Gallowglass
  • Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop
  • Tom Hughes as Kit Marlowe

A Discovery of Witches: Episode 5 airs on Friday 5 February 9pm on Sky One and NOW TV