Doctors spoilers: Lily turns killer after being humiliated by Al?

Valerie has a go at Al for the way he’s treated Lily. However, Lily later turns up at The Mill wanting to see Al and try to change his mind about the breakup. It is left to Valerie to try and get Lily seeing sense and appears to get through. Later, Valerie tells Al she’s done him a favour and hopes he hasn’t made the biggest mistake of his life.

(Picture: BBC)

Al wakes up surrounded by mess in his living room, pleased to have his old life back, and at work even Valerie’s sniping about Lily can’t dent his enthusiasm. Later, Al returns home and has to double take when the place is spotless. He calls Jimmi and accuses him of breaking in and cleaning up. Jimmi points out ridiculous this idea is and hangs up, leaving Al stumped.

(Picture: BBC)

At the Mill, Al complains to Bear and Jimmi about Lily’s behaviour: she let herself into his house and cleaned the whole place. Following Jimmi’s advice, Al asks Lily to return her key. Lily agrees and promises to give her key to Valerie, who she’s meeting for lunch. Al is disappointed when Valerie tells him Lily didn’t give her the key back and immediately decides to change his locks. Later that day, Lily returns to Al’s house and realises her key doesn’t work anymore. She leaves, utterly humiliated by Al’s decision.

It seems Al just can’t catch a break and is enjoying his newfound freedom: he no longer has to worry about Lily, or so he thinks! Valerie tells him he’s missed several calls from his mother. Worried something might be wrong with her, Al calls her back, only to find out that Lily is at his mother’s house.

(Picture: BBC)

It’s all happening in Doctors on BBC One Monday – Thursday at 13:45.

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